Dresden In the process to the extreme right-wing terrorist Association “Revolution Chemnitz” imposed by the higher regional court of Dresden on Tuesday jail sentences of between two years and three months and five and a half years. All eight of the defendants were sentenced on Tuesday for membership in a terrorist Association, the ringleader, Christian K. (32) moreover, because of their founding.

Five convicted, and for assault were Accused, moreover, due to heavy Trespassing.

The General Federal prosecutors had a detention requested sentences of between three and five and a half years. She confirmed that the accused is a “open national socialist attitude”. The defenders were required to acquittals or lenient punishments, and kept the terrorist accusation is completely covered.

Christian K. after the arrest, the detention screening in Karlsruhe, Germany photo: dpa

The group was founded in September 2018, while in Chemnitz to xenophobic demonstrations and riots. The background of the violent death of a 35-year-old Daniel H. in a skirmish with refugees at the edge of the Chemnitz city festival at the end of August was. For the fact a Syrian 2019 was convicted of manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm to nine and a half years in prison.

According to the indictment, the “Revolution Chemnitz had” at 10. September 2018 is formed in a Chat. The alleged ringleader, received on Tuesday, the highest sentence was a sort of Pamphlet in the Chat. The seven co-defendants should decide after reading it whether they wanted to participate or not. Opposition it was not, even if the defenders wanted to make the process a claim, your clients would not have taken the Text seriously, or not understood correctly.