The court in Alexandria in the US state of Virginia, remained with the penalty is significantly below the demand of the public Prosecutor’s office, which had demanded a prison sentence of up to 25 years. Judge T. S. Ellis said, Manafort had committed “serious” Offences. The demand for between 19 and 24 years in prison was “excessive”.

Manafort, not because of Russia affair behind bars

Manafort, had been spoken of in August, due to tax and Bank fraud guilty. It is the first conviction in the course of the investigations of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller. However, it was not in the process of allegations against Manafort in terms of its activity as trump’s campaign Manager in 2016.

The Prosecutor accused the Ex-lobbyists, to have a “web of Lies” to hide millions in revenue from his consulting activities for Russia-friendly politicians in the Ukraine between 2005 and 2014. Among them, the 2014 deposed leader was Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort had led Trumps election campaign team for two months. He had to give up the Post in August 2016, after the alleged money flows to him from the environment Yanukovych, known. Special investigator Mueller described Manafort, in a Memo recently as the “three most” Criminal “repeatedly and flagrantly” violated the law.

The station Fox News reported, Manafort, had been brought in a wheelchair into court in Alexandria. He was wearing green prison clothes. Manafort said at the hearing on the promulgation of the criminal masses, according to the broadcaster CNN that he felt “humiliated”. The process in Virginia, the image of a bolt was drawn lavish, excessive lifestyle Manaforts. Headlines Manaforts jacket made of ostrich leather, which will be 15’000 Dollar value provided. He had, therefore, a jacket made of Python leather in a value of 18’500 dollars.

Manafort asked the judge for mercy and said his thanks to you for the process of leadership, which he described as fair. His life was now “professionally and financially in shambles,” said Manafort.

Another process is already running

In a further process against Manafort before a court in Washington will be like in the coming week a verdict. In this process, Manafort, are accused in connection with his former illegal lobbying for Ukrainian politicians, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Manafort had agreed in September to cooperate with FBI special investigator Robert Mueller is ready. In the case of Mueller’s investigation is, among other things, whether there has been in the election campaign of 2016, secret-fixing of the Trump camp with Russia, and whether or not Trump has obstructed the administration of justice.

Also in the case of Russia affair Manafort condemnation

is the opinion of the court in Washington has lied to Manafort Mueller’s Team, however, in their investigations and, thus, against an agreement for a reduced sentence failed. Also in this method, a prison sentence threatens to Manafort. The 69-Year-old is already sitting since June in pre-trial detention.

Manafort was pushed in March 2016 to Trumps choice fight camp. In June 2016, Trump made him his campaign Manager. In the same month took part Manafort, to a Meeting with a Russian lawyer at the Trump Tower, the tendrils of many questions. The eldest son of the current President, Donald Trump Jr., had agreed to the meeting with the lawyer, because to him, compromising Material had been promised on Trumps against candidate Hillary Clinton.

it is Speculated that Manafort could possibly hope for is a pardon by Trump. Trump has repeatedly criticized, Manafort Unger will. Trump himself rejects vehemently that there was in the election campaign of 2016, in collusion with Russia. The President called the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt”.

Former employees turn against Trump

Manafort was regarded as one of the key figures in the case of the Mueller investigation – as well as trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who has turned away from the President. Cohen sued the Trump organization, meanwhile, to the payment of approximately $ 1.9 million attorney’s fees. After the on Thursday at a court in the state of New York submitted a lawsuit, it is expenditure, to the Cohen for his legal counsel had to expend in numerous hearings and procedures.

Cohen’s lawyers are accusing the Trump organization, a breach of contract. They argue that the Trump organization had agreed in July 2017, to pay the cost of Cohen’s lawyers in the various studies. Cohen (52) has charged to court and the US Congress serious charges against the President.

In the past year, Cohen had on trial for several Offences, pleaded guilty to, among other things, because of a false testimony before the Congress, and for violations of laws on election campaign financing. In the latter case, it was hush money payments, which had run Cohen in his own words in the order of Trump. In December, the Ex-lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison, he was supposed to compete in may.

In the suit, it is now called, in spite of the agreement, the Trump organization refused since may of last year, to pay Cohen’s legal fees. The open invoices and related costs amounted to approximately $ 1.9 million. By the breach of contract, Cohen was also created to further harm the Trump organization also had to reimburse. The final amount to be determined at the time of the court proceedings.

Cohen works with FBI special investigator Robert Mueller. Trump referred to him so publicly as a “rat”. The Trump organization encompasses the many different companies in the group Trumps. With his inauguration in January 2017, the President withdrew from the operational management, which he left to his two oldest sons. He is still the owner of the Trump organization.