Strictly electric cars are not cars! In any case, if it goes according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Because according to the Definition of a vehicle is just a car, if the engine is a traditional internal combustion.

Translated the lexicon entry: “A car is a of an internal combustion engine-powered road vehicle for the Transport of a driver and a small number of passengers.” Thus, electric cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles do not fall strictly under the Definition of the car – and Tesla would not even be a car manufacturer.

Even if this Definition is somewhat outdated, it has weight! Because the Oxford dictionary is regarded worldwide as the authorized reference book for English. It describes the meaning, history and pronunciation of 600,000 in the old and new terms in the English language.

time for a Change

Jaguar has now launched a campaign to change the Definition of the word car, so you can also includes alternative drives and the Stromer I-Pace is regarded as a car. The editors of the Oxford dictionary and Online dictionaries are open to change and consider the proposal.

increase the pressure a bit too, calls the Jaguar people on Social Media under #RedefineTheCar their own proposals for the Definition of car to submit.

English is modern English

by the Way, something modern the German language. In the dictionary the Definition of Auto is: “By means of a Motor driven road vehicle, with rubber-tyred wheels and an open or closed body Transport of persons or goods.” This includes also an electric motor, because the Definition of Motor is kept in a dictionary is very General: “machine generated by converting energy to power (e.g., a vehicle).”