The boom comes as unexpected and brutal. Even if we now know the sprint strength of an electric vehicle. But to Überraschttun little time remains, because the first curve. Take, light Stroking of the brake pedal and the front axle traction and then back on the Gas. Now the rear is upset.

The electric racing car

We drive the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy. The racing version of the English electric SUV is dedicated to its own racing series in the framework programme of formula E. The racing car has in comparison to the street version of a powerful rear wing, the suspension with Öhlins dampers and Eibach springs and re-sharpened. The interior looks amazing with Rennkäfig and shell are sitting much less comfortably than in series-I-Pace. And the steering Wheel has so many buttons and adjustments, not a production car.

all-wheel drive for drifting

Now the counter. Counter-steering and without regard to losses on the Gas. As at the end of a rope is fixed, the drifts of the I-Pace eTrophy the corners. In the ratio of 48:52 slightly tail-heavy distribution of power of the all-wheel drive, which is on the steering Wheel to 40:60 helps increase. Although fast-paced direction, a slight inclination to change to the lower taxes does not deny, outweighs the positive impression. Jaguar I-Pace racing car is direct, honest, but also uncompromisingly!

Lighter and faster

Although the engineers have taken some 225 kilograms out of the car, but with 1965 kg weight, the racing version of the I-Pace is still no lightweight. Finally, the series components of the 400 – HP drive on Board- including the 600-kilogram batteries. The in the under ground for a low center of gravity. The diet makes the Stromer race car only 0.3 seconds faster than the series version. The eTrophy sprints in 4.5 seconds to 100 kph. The tip remains at 200 km/h in order to achieve more coverage.

Cool and grin

technician Jack Lambert turning the road car into a race car. The greatest challenge is the cooling. “Finally the car is moved on the track is quite different than in everyday traffic.” But at the drifting of the Arctic circle, the cooling is not a Problem. The Grin is in our face all the more wider, and, in turn, Lambert. “The car is my Baby, and I am pleased, if someone has Fun with it!”