Go to the development of high-performance models in the Jaguar, the Department of Special Vehicle Operations, short-SVO, into the game. This special command also helps the F-Pace SVR to brute power. In Numbers: 550 horsepower and 680 Nm.

The new

Well, the 550 HP and a supercharged five-liter V8 engine is actually not new. We know him already from other Jaguar and Land Rover models. What is new is that he is doing his service now in the SUV F-Pace. And some of it has been adapted to reveal, for example, stiffer springs (front by up to 30 percent compared to the normal F-Pace), an electronic limited-slip rear differential and modified sway bars – just a few of the tricks.

5.0-V8 supercharged gasoline engine, 550 HP (405 kW), 680 Nm@3500 rpm, 8-speed automatic, 4×4

0-100 km/h in 4.3 s, top of 283 km/h

L/B/H = 4,73/1,94/1,65 m, 2070 kg, Trunk 463-1740 l

work/Test 11,9/xx. x l/100 km, 272/xxx g CO2/km, energy G

From 120’000 Fr. (Based on the F-Pace 2.0 D, 163 PS, from 49’500 Fr.), Test Car 138’160 Fr. (included options: driver-assistance-package 2, Style package, Head-up, panoramic sliding roof, Damaged. Sound system, etc.)

like a Clear

the Sound of the F-Pace is the SVR – sorry – just Horny. To be rumbling under the skin. The same applies for the acceleration. In only 4.3 seconds to 100 and further to 283 km/h top! As many a sports car has the Look. Of course you can be cruising but also very relaxed on the motorway, and the sublime feeling about the Rest of the road users to enjoy.

like us less

The pure performance data, a no-compromise Sport-SUV suspect. The F-Pace SVR but is not. To powerful its is – admittedly elegant – body. He is about two tons, but simple to difficult. Suitable to be interior with comfortable leather armchairs and furthermore impossible on the door handles-placed Windows. And the consumption – well, Greta, the hair would stand on a mountain.

And so he goes

The F-Pace, SVR is not a sports car in the true sense. He staggers through the curves, as the SUVs do otherwise. But when braking into the Bends, the electronics regulates how wild. It is better that way, finally, to the two-tonne four-wheel drive free-are powerful forces. At the end of the turn, however, when Accelerating on the Straight, beating his great hour. While Stepping on the gas the whole Orgy of Power, Sound and centrifugal Forces is felt. The driver and the passengers are pressed on the seats and in-flight one is streets already much too fast for Swiss country.

VIEW the conclusion

A nice toy for big boys, with the robbers on country roads, but also left all over the highway can gondolas. Price or consumption? Anyone who turns in this category of vehicle, each rap will choose anyway for a different vehicle.