Each Goalie should remember this date: 1. November 1959. At the time, Jacques sat up, Planned, the Keeper of the Montréal Canadiens, a mask. It needed but an accident. In the game in Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers, he was hit by a shot by Andy Bathgate. He had to be sewn with seven stitches. There was at this time still no substitute goalie, he had to play more. to protect

To be flayed, bleeding face, returned to the Canadians with a self-made fiberglass mask out of the cabin. His coach, Blake legendary Toe, raged. However, Planned steadfastly refused, without the mask, playing more. And even if it did not fit his Coach, he played well after that, with the face protection, especially since the Canadiens 18-won time in a row. And the mask was in the League. The last goalkeeper who played in the NHL without a mask was in 1974, Pittsburgh’s Andy Brown.

With the mask, Plante won only one game, he refrained from 1960 on it again – however, only one of his six Stanley Cups. Later, he lived in Crans-Montana, where he died in 1986. His grave is located in Sierre. To his honour the best Swiss Goalie in each case, the Jacques-Plante trophy.

Since then, it has changed the quality of the masks and helmets solid. In the case of the masks of the first hour of protection was still relatively modest. Each hit had the effect of a fist punch. In addition, the shots were still harder. The life of the Goalies was a walk in the Park with mask and no sugar. So to have the legendary Chicago-Keeper Glenn Hall (Stanley Cup winner in 1961) before each game passed.

While the mask salon is not Planned 60 years ago, able was, he was the first Goalie wore in the NHL. Because it was already in 1930, when the four-time Stanley Cup Champion, Clint Benedict, also in New York against the Rangers, with a leather protection in the gate of the Montreal Maroons stand, because he had broken the yoke leg. And in the 1936 Olympic Games in Garmisch, the Japanese a Piece of Honma played two games with a Baseball-Catcher-grid, to keep his glasses from damage.

The true pioneer, however, is Queen is a woman: Elizabeth Graham stand in 1927, with a fencing mask in the gate of your canadian University teams’s, supposedly, because you are Worried about your teeth made.

“, My wife demanded that I protect myself”

And in Switzerland? Since you discovered the masks a bit later. And although it was Servettes Nati-Goalie Daniel Clerc, who was in the ‘ 60s the First. “After I had got two Pucks in the face, demanded my wife, I’m protecting me,” he said years later, the “Tribune de Genève”. Together, the Pair built on a face shield from a nylon stocking, plaster, wax and fiberglass.

Also, Clerc had a historical encounter with Bathgate, as he kept in the Cup final in a Penalty to the canadian NHL Stars at the end of his stint in Ambri.

How brutal the life of the Goalies before the time of masks was, shows an impressive picture of Terry Sawchuk, the four-times Stanley Cup winner with Detroit and Toronto, he was from a make-up artist all of his wounds had been stitched with over 400 stitches to highlight. A picture of horror, which perhaps explains why Sawchuk, who played until 1962, without a mask, and numerous brain concussions suffered, the alcohol fell into disrepair.

But the men were without protection, to the opponents, fascinated the masses. They wrote hero stories – and have been celebrated after they were patched up again more or less together, if you were after a long break back to the gate.

SCB-legend Kiener on his first mask: “A stupid foreign body”

Twice René Kiener, with 81 still a dewy impression became, with the SCB champion: 1959 and ’65. He played for 13 years without a mask, until the Bear was the end of the 60s is mandatory. “If you ask me to be honest: I had never worn a mask,” say “Gagu”, as in Bern, all call. “It was a stupid foreign body. As I wore them for the first Time, we were in Langnau fast 0:2.

I took them off and threw them into the audience. After that, we 4:2 have won.”

The mask was directly on the skin. You sweated. “Was it hit by an opponent, went on to you. In addition, the angle of view was severely restricted. You had to constantly turn the head. That was the worst,” says the man who wore the number 0.

But how was it to play without a mask? “The Problem is the light was more on the rinks. This was not the same everywhere. In Paris I was hit by a Puck out of two meters,” says

Kiener. “The zygomatic bone was divided. The wound was stitched. Then I played more. This was not a Problem. It was in a daze. And this feeling was all the more reflected, the harder the shot. I also did not feel the stitches when sewing. Afterwards, I was then three days in the hospital.”

Otherwise, he had only minor wounds, perhaps two inches long, had. “I’ve been stitched up a couple of Times. Because, first, there was no replacement goalies, was interrupted the game for 15 minutes each. During this time, the wound was cared for. Then you returned. That was always difficult. You had to be careful that you’re not afraid and not jerks, when the Puck comes.”

Kiener stressed that the goalkeeper will be made today rarely on the head. “That was back then, too.” The legend of the Happen followed even today interested. “Recently, I have allowed Leonardo Genonis mask to put on. If I’m in between these with those of Renato Tosio comparisons, he has given me, are worlds apart. Vision and protection are better, also, they have been from year to year is always easier.” (Angelo Rocchinotti)