Jacques and Anna are the name of a father-daughter adventure in the world of design: he, a retired engineer; she, designer. Since its beginnings in 2018, the tandem brand has generated lighting creations with inspired lines. She now arranges to meet us online.

Two years ago, the design studio opened its doors in Montreal, in Mile End, and attracted the attention of several names in design and architecture. It is now browsing the internet with an online showcase that features the luminous creations of Anaïe Dufresne, aka Anna, co-founder of the brand.

On this platform, the designer presents her new models which can be made to measure and in different materials, including Les Tours, created in collaboration with ceramist Sarah-Jeanne Riberdy, Bijou (in oxidized copper or not), Toucan, Bolito in acrylic frosted and the charming Apostrophe, in ceramic, which punctuates the collection with its organic form.

The boutique remains the place to get to know the designer and her creations, and to get your hands on lighting from previous collections. In December, the ceramics workshop will also be set up in the boutique space.

Jacques et Anna will also be present at SOUK 2023 and will unveil the first part of a series of collaborations with visual artist Simon S. Belleau. The concept takes shape around spaces or paintings created by the latter. The lights will slip into this dreamlike universe, notably around a bed in the View from my desk canvas.