In the elections two weeks ago, the SP had to have springs. Under Christian Levrat (49) achieved the worst result in 100 years.

What to learn, the party out of it? In the left of the Zurich magazine “P. S.” power councillor Jacqueline Fehr (56) proposals. The most explosive: Levrat, whose term of office ends soon, not to stand for re-election. “We need a change at the top,” said Fehr

The SP need a new face

And like to go out, white Fehr also: “the face of the SP Switzerland must be female and young.” Because the elections of 2019 were climate options, but also a choice of the women and the young. “The fact that we can’t benefit from it, will remain a mystery,” writes Fehr. Apparently, she is of the opinion that the SP had aired the little.

Therefore, it is high time that the young Generation take over, and a woman at the helm of the party after kick, double Fehr to the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”.

woman on top or mixed doubles?

a favourite for the Post haven’t you. With Mattea Meyer (31), Nadine mass Hardt (35), Flavia water fall (40), Samira Marti (25) or Barbara Gysi (55) is called a possible candidate.

Levrat is since 11 years in office – and that he wants to stay longer is unlikely. In the next spring, he is likely to cede from the top of the Enjoyed. That a woman must come to the train is in the SP clear. However, mixed doubles – in the sense of Co-Chairpersons with a woman and a man – are possible. (sf)