Jack MA who will donate over 100 million masks

The founder of the largest company in the world in the field of e-Commerce Alibaba billionaire Jack MA will donate to the world health organization (who), more than 100 million protective masks and other remedies to combat the pandemic. About it it is told in published on Tuesday the message of the entrepreneur in the Chinese social network Weibo.

The supply will consist of 100 million medical masks and 1 million N95 respirators, and tests for nucleic acid coronavirus.

"the spread of the epidemic continues. The entire world is faced with this war. We should speed up to establish cooperation with more strong confidence to overcome this global challenge. One world, one fight", – reads the statement of the billionaire.

Earlier, the funds of Jack MA and Alibaba already donated to the who, 2.2 million masks, 20 thousand protective suits, 20 thousand points and 50 ventilators. The two organizations since the beginning of the pandemic has already assisted a total of 150 countries.