Flanders, supporterde hard on their luck, but it was not to be: on the relationship between jack Gerard, (43) and Jane (42), a peak from “Farmer seeks wife” has come to an end. “The contact is diluted, more and more” is heard.

It was still there for a while, great running between the German akkerboer, Gerard, and ” his ” Jane. Even if the camera’s the Farmer seeks wife – around the world has stopped running. “Gerard, it was the first week of the christmas school holidays in our country. We had a wonderful time, and Christmas was celebrated by his family in Bocholt. The next time it’s on me, by the end of this month, I am going for the first time, go back to the farm, he left Jane in the middle of January again.

Earlier, they told me that standing on one another, withdraw more and more, etc. “I’m not going to leave Germany,” said Gerard. “I’ve been working here, and it’s been my passion, and my heart is lying here. But never say never.” Both of them jumped, however, with the surrender of their arms-length relationship.

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about A month ago, the two from each other, please let Melissa know. “Our relationship is one of silent death, death. The contact is diluted, more and more, and we have to be different. However, I wish him all the luck.”

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find out More about the Farmer seeks Wife is the new kind of Kobe Ilsen (and you may know her from the Farmer seeks. the lady Farmer jim from “Farmer seeks wife” to see his beloved Australia fires Still love Jack, Gerard, and Megan all celebrated Christmas together, with Gerard and Jane from “Farmer seeks wife” to live together “In an arms-length relationship, it is always enough.”