Jablonski insists that Russia should pay

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Paul Jablonski announced “unconditional” right of Warsaw reparation from Russia for damages caused during the Second world war.

according to RIA news, the diplomat said in an interview with Radio Zet, stressing that this topic is necessary to raise constantly, as it does not have a Statute of limitations. He stressed that in the current political situation any attempt to come to terms with Russia are connected with difficulties.

From this point of view, the solidarity leader of the ruling party of Poland “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who has previously informed the public about the fact that Moscow and Berlin have to pay Warsaw compensation for damage in world war II.

In turn, Russian politicians have not repeatedly drawn attention to the attempts of some Western countries to rewrite history.

So, in mid-December 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that some countries of Europe, in particular Poland, colluded with Nazi Germany, at the disposal of Russia there are documents about the negotiations.

He also told the Polish Ambassador in the Third Reich promised to put Adolf Hitler monument for the plans to deport the Jews to Africa.

These words of Putin sparked outrage among the official Warsaw, where we try to place the responsibility for starting the war on the Soviet Union, referring to the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact.

In October 2018, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said about the need for Germany to compensate the loss. In Berlin said they have paid large reparations, and nothing more will not pay.

Polish authorities have also put forward the claim to Russia, because, in their opinion, Poland has refused payment from the GDR, under pressure from the Soviet Union. Moscow responded that Warsaw has no right to reparations.