the series starred Maxim lagashkin, Zoya Berber, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Igor Oznobishin, Hope Sysoev, Ivan Okhlobystin and others. In the story the residents of the fictional town of Nimburg be locked in the castle. With them outside the castle walls turns out to be a messenger to William who brought the news about the plague. Somewhere outside the gate waiting for his beloved, but the lock on the messenger put the eye. Capricious daughter of a Baron wants to marry, and before the messenger appears dubious prospect was to marry a noble but unpopular girl or lose your head. The Baron, dying in the castle of boredom, with the same enthusiasm waiting for any option.

in addition to the family of the Baron in the castle and live a normal medieval citizens, such as the Executioner or the Court wizard, Monk and captain of the Palace guard, Medieval blogger and an ordinary Witch. But now their lives have changed because of the quarantine. Everyone is trying to adapt to the new conditions. The executioner, trying to keep the executions on “udalenke”. The Pechenegs attacked the city wearing gloves and masks. The guard chases the townspeople, in order to measure their temperatures.

“Plague!” is a humorous message of medieval people to their offspring about how they fought the epidemic and how to win. And it’s a great excuse not to go once again on the street, and to watch online funny sketches from the life of the castle in isolation,” an excerpt from the summary, which can be read at the service, which is already available in the page series. However, when it will be a series – is not yet clear. Only indicated that in may. Apparently, the wait is long.


Recall that this is not the only quarantine new project ivi. The service was among the first during a pandemic appeared a series of quarantine “Isolation”, which wrote, “RG”.