Its not in your mouth Alibasov son release antiseptic

Alibasov-senior has lost the profit from 34 cancelled the concerts of “on-On”.

Have Alibasov Jr. canceled all performances and lectures.

So the star the family have to shift.

They decided to engage in the production of tradable goods is now the antiseptic.

“Found out, launched their range of antiseptic in volume of one and four liters. The label is drawn I in the form of Batman, who flies to the aid of Russians”, — quotes the words Alibasov Jr. channel 5.

To attract attention (we all remember the story of the “Mole”!) the creative Duo chose the slogan “It’s not a Mole! It’s not in your mouth!”

According to Bari Alibasov, the first jar so valuable in a pandemic product was donated by Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a musical producer Bari Alibasov have overcome the peak of intelligence and no longer speaks fluently without preparation. About his son Alibasov Jr. said in his instagram.