Joseph Prigogine justified for his words about the plight of artists and answered his caustic poem in his address.

We will remind, earlier the leader of group “Leningrad” ridiculed husband of Valerie for his remarks about musicians and actors who are in dire financial state because of the epidemic CoViD-19 and the lack of performances.

In a personal blog, Joseph has recorded a video message where he advised Sergei Shnurov and other critics initially to listen carefully to what was actually said and not pull a phrase out of context.

“Before to write some poems, it was necessary to ask about what was discussed”, – he said.

According to wife Valerie, he spoke not about himself and other famous artists and musicians and other people of creative professions that “are not employees” and have no support from the state.

“It was not about me and Valerie. It was not about thirty of the big stars who earn money, who have a safety cushion. It was about musicians who are no more able to do that just playing and devoted himself only to art. We’re talking about small businesses, we’re talking about restaurants,” said producer

Prigogine did not fail to report that he paid taxes both last year and the first quarter of 2020.

“We are in front of government pure, and we do not complain we do not complain that it is hard for us,” said Joseph.

In conclusion, he advised Shnurov, as Deputy, to take care of really poor performers and advised to “save face” in the most difficult situations.