President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to speed up previously planned increase of pensions. According to him, it has nothing to do with the upcoming elections of the head of state.

yesterday I asked the government (decree not yet published). We have somewhere in the fourth quarter were planning to increase pensions. Nevertheless, I asked to be moved the increase here, — quotes the Belarusian leader state news Agency BelTA.

Lukashenko announced the increase of pensions is not in the national currency and in dollar terms. He noted that payments to retirees might increase by $10-20.

The President stressed that his order should not be seen as political goals.

This is not populism, not for the sake of election, I have never done this, — he said.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for August 9, 2020. Lukashenko, who rules the country since 1994, was again one of the contenders for the presidency.

Earlier wrote that he accused his rivals that they have turned the collection of signatures in his support in unauthorized rallies in violation of the laws and norms of morality. Lukashenka also noted that his opponents use in their rhetoric, populist slogans and unsubstantiated promises.