now, Her comeback was brought to a stop by that damn virus, in which Kim is the Kim of the day, with a family of her own (forced) is their ” home away from home in the United States of america. Competition is far, far away: “We are very thankful that our family can be together”, and I put them in a family photo on Twitter.

“We have had a great respect and admiration for everyone on the front line – doctors, nurses, medical staff, who are so hard-working. Thank you for all!!! # ThanksHealthHeroes #StayHome #allemaalsamen #blijfinuwkot”

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SEE ALSO. Brian Lynch is set for the second time, the job is on hold for the woman, Kim, Kim, and family: “in the Meantime, has been for a long time here in the united states”:

find out More about Kim’s For them, it is the deferral of the Olympic Games, however, are a boon to Brian Lynch for the second time, job-on-hold-for-women Kim Clijsters and her family: “in the Meantime, has been for a long time, here in America,” Also in tennis world offers six weeks of the end of October are also the European grand slams, in Paris and in the World is in danger? Tennis is pretty self-explanatory for six weeks, lamb’s players and the players are putting the international federation of action by a corona virus