Amber Heard has been sentenced to pay Johnny Depp more than $10 million. However, that is not set in stone yet. The actress still has a few ways to defend herself – from a possible appeal to a financial scam.

Amber Heard (36) is currently under a lot of pressure. After losing the case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp (58), she has to pay him more than ten million dollars in damages. But apparently she doesn’t have the money, she’s threatened with bankruptcy.

Her lawyer has already announced an appeal against the sentence, but this could be part of an elaborate plan. “Now the haggling and the bazaar in the back rooms of the expensive law firms really starts,” says lawyer Dr. Jürgen Rodegra opposite “Bild”.

Theoretically, Heard could do without an appeal, pay the sum “and everything is fine”. But she can also appeal, as announced by her lawyer. In a possible appeal process, it is not a lay jury that, according to Rodegra, “often decides on gut feeling, even when it comes to the amount of the sum”, but professional judges.

“For Depp, such an appeal could mean that the sum would be corrected properly,” the lawyer continued to “Bild”. .” The American justice system makes this approach possible.

Another problem with American law is the law of enforcement. Depp may not be able to get his ex-partner’s money that easily. “If Heard does not voluntarily pay and may even have distributed her funds internationally, extensive enforcement requests would have to be drawn up,” explains Rodegra. “Collecting the money can take years.”

A possible bankruptcy of Heard could also ensure that Depp will never see a dime. Only one thing is clear: Even after six weeks and an actually clear verdict, the last word has not yet been spoken.

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