the Action takes place in the same suburb of Paris Montfermeil, where the novel is Hugo, – in our time. The film became a high-profile debut of the Frenchman of Senegalese descent Laga Lee.

In the center of the three cops: a racist with a steely gaze Chris, his black partner Guada and just adopted the team Stefan. They bring order in an area where black people live. The conflict begins when someone steals circus lion, the cops will find the thief, in a rage scuffle shot the boy, and it’s all filmed drone. Now the cops need to cover their tracks, and they begin the hunt for this video, can provoke rebellions. Glowing final is a real war waged by the local Gavroche against the offenders, defending their human dignity.

the Laje Lee grew up in the suburbs and felt the arm of the law, interpreted as the right to violence. For him, this film is an action, it has been brewing for twenty years, when he unsuccessfully tried to draw attention to the situation in Montfermeil.

At the age of 75 years died an outstanding British film Director Alan Parker. This is a very sad reason to remember (or see for the first time), at least some of the creatures one of the most eccentric masters of world cinema.

“BUGSY MALONE” 1976 was his first film made for the big screen. It immediately struck the audience: a gangster Thriller from the days of prohibition were not just filmed in the genre of swashbuckling musical, but also completely played out by children. As a singer Blouse appeared thirteen-year-old jodie foster, there began a stellar career. This film Parker announced the arrival of the movies masters of impeccable knowledge of the arts drama and musical film, with a great sense of irony and humor.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (1978) – beyond the tragic story of a young American tourist in Turkey, who was detained at the airport police found in his Luggage a portion of hashish, and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The bulk of the action took place in a Turkish prison, sadistic manners reminiscent of terrible nonsense. The picture caused a huge resonance, Parker was nominated for Oscars as best Director, the movie became the absolute winner of the “Golden globe”.

“FAME” (1980) – another musical film about talented youth of the new York school for the performing arts – full of energy, dynamics, the feeling of inner freedom, but also a drama of fate, standing on the edge of a precipice: for talent recognition – a matter of life and death. It is brilliantly filmed musical, but without the usual conventions of this traditionally lush entertainment, realistic.

“the WALL” (1982) gave Alan Parker a reputation as one of the strongest filmmakers of modern muzykalnojabout the movie. The basis – acclaimed album Pink Floyd The Wall, and in her whimsical style of mixed realism with surrealism.

“ANGEL HEART” (1987) – a feast for lovers of sophisticated horror. Although formally it is a detective story about the search for a missing pop singer, he quickly transposed into a surreal action, balancing on the verge of mysticism and calling kitsch. One of those paintings that osarsiph unprepared for novations of the viewer, then go to the rank of classics, become a cult. Starred Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, Charlotte Rampling.

“MISSISSIPPI burning” (1988) continued the social theme, which is present in the music tapes Parker, but in the drama. The story of the 60’s, when the murder of three human rights defenders filed a wave of protests: the threads of the crime was drawn to the city fathers. Starred Willem Dafoe, McDormand and gene Hackman. The film received three awards of the British Academy.

“ROAD TO WELLVILLE” (1994) “Comedy for the heart and other organs”, as said the advertising slogan. The action takes place in a sanitarium of Dr. Kellogg (Anthony Hopkins), which had the misfortune to please wife Lightbody (Matthew Broderick and Bridget Fonda). Here fully realized a wonderful feeling close to the phantasmagoria of humor peculiar to Parker.

“EVITA” (1996). Alan Parker is not moved mechanically to the screen the famous Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and created a movie where he flashed Antonio Banderas and Madonna in the role of Eva Duarte, the first lady of Argentina. The film is a masterly composition, he skillfully combines the musical fabric with dramatic effect. The work on the film by Alan Parker later recalled with his characteristic eccentric humor as “riding Bareback on your elephant tied to a jet engine when Madonna combs your hair with a razor blade”.

“the LIFE of DAVID GALE” (2002), politically acute drama with Kevin spacey and Kate Winslet, was the last work of Alan Parker’s movie. The plot is developed around the Professor Gale, who all his life opposed to the death penalty and found himself on death row for a murder you didn’t commit. And the investigations took from him an interview with a journalist, becomes tense plot of the picture.

Critics scolded Parker, considered a manipulator of emotions. the Midnight Express was accused of racism; the Argentine patriots were indignant that the national idol Eva Peron Madonna plays frivolous. The audience Parker was always accepted with enthusiasm.

This series is for me the best, most exciting example of the genre, combining fantasy with horror, adventure with exercises for the intellect. The legendary Lost lasted 6 seasons, which has taken captive the entire planet, scored a record collection of awards and we are called “Stay alive”.

Passengers of the crashed airliner flight 815 N come to life on an exotic island, full of sinister secrets. They’re trying to survive, hoping for help, but communication with the outside world there, the world seems to be unaware that people had disappeared, the disaster never happened. And we wander through the maze of mysteries can’t break away from strange, unpredictable story with paranormal phenomena, a duality of parallel lives, transmigration of souls, reviving myths and crazy u-turns to the boundless imagination of writers. At the same time so immersed in the new life of Robinson, their past and hypothetical future, that you almost believe in the authenticity of what is happening. All actions are enveloped in a mystical horror, sneaking assumption that the island was a metaphor for purgatory, designed according to all rules of the analytical Sciences with the use of occult myths and Manichaean tenets, according to which the world is a stage on which unfolds the battle between Good and Evil.

Attracted top-notch actors – each character sinks into the soul and it settles, it becomes his own, worried about him. Masterly use of a retrospective, which opens to us the other sides of the fate of the heroes – layered narrative lives and breathes as a very good novel.

the Authors promised all the clues based on reality. But as time went on, the writers paved the future path of heroes trying to solve them posed an unsolvable riddle. And at some point gave up, began to explain the mysteries of the island that is easier and neobyazatelno all, a miracle. So their promise they have not fulfilled. That is disappointing, but up to this point may take months of thrilling enjoyment.

the Series in the repertoire of online platforms. Who has not seen – discover a lively island in Oceania. Who saw – will understand my craving to experience again.

Here is a very good movie that we missed, about almost do not know. “Simple things” by Alexei Popogrebsky, a film in 2007, one of the last roles of Leonid Armor. The film won four prizes at the festivals in Sochi and Karlovy vary, but people almost never shown.

we are Talking about simple things that build our lives, or spoil, or destroy. About simple actions or cases that can all suddenly disintegrated to collect back. Life in film flows as natural and unpredictable as in reality. The actions of the heroes equally illogical and obey the momentary impulse, as it happens with each of us. Dialogues are written by people who are talented and able to listen to life, seem to be spontaneous and blow the surprise, but wise, and gnomic. Every funny turn hiding the bitterness. Each person read the fate. Each beginning has emerged end. The finality of all of this is embodied in the figure of the old actor�� Zhuravleva, who played a lot of good and the main, but remember one is not the best role, and now living out their days in obscurity and loneliness, melancholic, waiting for imminent death.

For Leonid Armour, this work – almost a confession. Everything in it echoes his own biography, including that not only the profound role played them in the popular series. His character spends the rest of his life on the couch under a blanket, sometimes gets overlooked and monumental jewels of the glorious past. He is tragically alone: “all my life I have sought to ensure that no one bothered me, and now I’m useless”. Sometimes it comes anesthesiologist Sergei to give you a shot. The anesthesiologist is the second protagonist of the picture, and he’s still trying to escape from impending loneliness: the daughter has run away to some sloven, with his wife, they were strangers, and even a message stating that she is pregnant, the most natural reaction is: who? Sergei plays Sergei Puskepalis – fomenkova him smart, which is rare, look, with “background” in any of the replicas, with the ability to be silent, to listen and react sparingly with dark philosophical humor.

This is a movie whose language consists of a detail, gesture, glance, from changes of rhythm, from expression of an interior or clothing. If it continues the same life, what’s behind the walls, only wiped down the lens and turned his eyes pupils into soul. It’s all rare cinematic gifts.

it seems to Me that to enter into my first script such a figure as Zhuravlev, Popogrebsky for the playwright was a point of principle; he would immediately dissociate himself from stupid gerontophobia, which is now hurting our film addressed exclusively to the generation of popcorn, because as flat as a table, devoid of a critical dimension – the depths of time and human experience. This experience, according to the movie, bitter. He is in life. The simple truth, a simple thing, but so far not internalized. And stupid people stepping on the same rake.

Immediately will specify: speech about real disasters. Built on the same techniques fantasy let’s leave aside – it’s a different genre.

1. “Titanic.” 1997. Dir. James Cameron

Most of the legendary stories – the biggest collision of the liner with an iceberg in 1912 portrayed dozens of times, including “Death of “Titanic”, filmed in Nazi Germany in 1943, where the ship sank, these careless English, and the only professional in the crew, who were warned of the danger, of course, German. There are dumb the picture, taken immediately after the incident. But nothing compares to the masterpiece of James Cameron’s 1997, do not have an equal sense of tragedy and fragility of beauty. The film was shot in 2D, but there is a version of 3D transparent layers even in the eyes of the icy ocean, its depths, where it goes Ghost blog�� magnificence, the very disaster, in this volume, became tangible, as if the here and now. Well, the conventions of melodrama, which for some reason many are shocking: the voltage that you need to bring definitely to the max, the meanness, driven to the last, is no longer possible faces, the inevitable salvation from complete despair – all this makes a film a film, not a shapeless mass that passes for a movie. Played starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became superstars, the film received a record number of awards and attracted a record number of spectators.

2. “A towering Inferno (Towering Inferno)”. 1974. Dir. John Guillermin

the elite of the city gathered at a gala dinner on the occasion of the opening of the highest in the metropolis skyscraper. The reception takes place under the heavens, in the restaurant halls of the top floor. And none of the guests make merry has no idea that soon the skyscraper will turn into a flaming candle in hell, billowing to the heavens. In a tense but entertaining story Hollywood has managed to invest and criticism of greedy businessmen for whom business is more important than human lives, and faith in the strong character, who will always find the escape route.

3. “Metro”. 2012. Dir. Directed by Anton Megerdichev

the Director Anton Megerdichev took not so much a disaster movie, what a movie-trouble. The meaning of the genre in its classical variant: a disaster puts people on the brink of death, but the whole powerful mechanism of public aid and human courage will lead the heroes to the rescue. Emotional outcome: admiration for the solidarity, the ability of companies to come to the aid of those in trouble. “Metro” looks the same as all these plot outlines. But there is a difference, which makes him frighteningly realistic. The film that we have people and companies – no. The role of the elements, fraught with disasters, carry out the population itself and its device. In a huge city there is lawlessness, corruption, chaos: the skyscrapers are built without the participation of scientific thought – the subway tunnels simply not withstand the load. And nobody wants to hear the alarm. And when the water burst into the tunnel, locked away where people are abandoned to their fate. The film clearly shows that the margin of safety we no longer have, and that differs from the Hollywood model.

4. “K-19: the widow”. 2002. Dir. Kathryn Bigelow

a drama about the crash of the first Soviet nuclear submarines off the coast of the United States, brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Based on a real event in 1961, which at first caused a protest of the actual participants in the ill-fated flight: they suspected that Hollywood wants to pour into Russia a bucket of slops. Trying to convince veterans and the Americans even set up a meeting with the film’s Director and leading actor of captain Vostriakov Harrison Ford. But convinced the film: at the premiere, which wassmiling at the Mariinsky theatre, the touched, the veterans received a standing ovation. The film is made with the maximum respect for the heroism of people who saved the world. He was more Patriotic than many officially launched and we have pictures of the glorious past. And the only enemy that is in the film, is a monster of the cold war that has distorted the consciousness of the whole planet.

Which one of you have ever seen disaster movies do you remember most and made me wanna watch again?

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