Italy's Senate urged to improve relations with Russia

the Senate (upper house of Parliament) Italy called for the resumption of dialogue and the review of the relations between Russia and the EU.

Senator of the ruling movement “Five stars”, the Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs and migration of the Senate Vito Petrocelli said in an interview with TASS that the resolution of the Senate directed the foreign Ministry and the Italian government.

the Senate called on the government to work to strengthen relations with Russia, including within the EU. Petrocelli did not rule out that a similar resolution will take in the lower house of Parliament. In March in Rome to negotiate the lower chambers of parliaments of Russia and Italy.

the Senate instructed the Italian government “to achieve within the EU, in cooperation with other member countries of the EU change the vector of relations with Russia.” We are talking about cooperation, taking into account the effectiveness and appropriateness of the sanctions measures that do not hinder the growth of the trade.

in addition, the Senate recommended that the government assist in the development of a new approach to EU dialogue with Russia in the field of politics and security, taking into account General interests. It is necessary to increase its diplomatic effort to negotiate at all levels, including for issues related to Ukraine and Georgia.

In turn, Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Luigi Di Maio said that Italy supports the strengthening of EU cooperation with Russia on issues of interest to Europe on the basis of “selectivity”.