For the tenth day in a row records Italy a decrease in the number of seriously ill patients hospitalized in intensive care.

Italy has in a day registered 566 coronadødsfald against 431 the day before, communicate to the Italian health authorities on Monday.

Italy now has a total 20.465 coronadøde. Thus, Italy has the world’s second highest number of deaths for coronaviruses, only surpassed by the UNITED states, which has over five times as many inhabitants.

at the same time, there is registered a decrease in the number of new coronatilfælde in Italy. 3153 new cases registered on Monday against 4092 the day before.

the Number of new cases is the lowest, Italy has registered ago 7. april.

health experts in Italy have now for several days been talking about the positive messages you see in the numbers.

the Pressure on the country’s intensive care units are also slowed. It is especially important for the hard-duty hospitals in the northern part of Italy.

3260 seriously ill patients are Monday admitted to the Italian intensive care units. The day before the number was 3343.

It is the tenth day in a row that Italy registers a decrease in the number of inpatients on intensivafdelingerne.

In total nearly 160.000 people confirmed infected in Italy. Of them are over 35,000 declared healthy again.

There is believed to be a certain mørketal of infected people, who are not counted in the official inventory.

last week announced the Italian government, that the decommissioning of the country is extended to 3. may. It means that the curfew and the closure of businesses continues.

This decision is backed up by health experts, but many of the country’s businesses winces. Some doubt that they will be able to survive three more weeks, if there does come time in the business again.

From Tuesday begins Italy gently to allow certain types of business open again. This applies, among other bookstores and laundries, where the requirement to keep distance to each other can be observed.