Italy is not ready to sign the draft outcome document of the EU summit

Italy has refused to sign the agreed draft outcome document of the conference with leaders of States and governments of the European Union on measures to combat coronavirus COVID-19. On it informs Agency ANSA, citing sources in the government Palace Chigi.

Regarding the disagreement with the prepared document in favor of the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte during a video conference of the heads of the EU countries, despite the fact that Rome made an exception in the text of the mention of the ESM – European stability mechanism (stabilization Fund of the Euro area) as a tool for the collection of credit funds to combat coronavirus. In the period of the Euro crisis in 2010-2014, the ECM was the main tool to implement policies of fiscal austerity, reminds TASS.

Conte has warned that the European Union has 10 days to produce a consolidated and coordinated solution corresponding to the gravity of the situation.

During the EU summit, which took place in the form of a videoconference, discussed the situation with the pandemic and the measures in the European Union and individual EU member States. At the moment Italy is one of the most affected by the coronavirus countries. Since the beginning of the epidemic the number of infected people there has exceeded 80 thousand, 8 thousand people died.