the Number of coronadødsfald fall in Italy, which for the fifth day in a row may report fewer sick in intensive care.

Italy has in the past day registered 542 deaths among people infected with the coronavirus.

It shall notify the Italian public health preparedness on Wednesday.

This is a decline compared to the 604 coronadødsfald, Italian authorities reported the day before.

In all, 17.669 people with coronasmitte now lost their lives since the outbreak began in Italy in February. It is the highest number of coronarelaterede deaths in any country in the world.

the Number of confirmed smittetilfælde in the past day is 3836, which is an increase compared to the 3039 the day before.

One of the lyspunkterne is that there are slightly fewer patients in the Italian intensive care units. Wednesday sounds the message, to 3693 seriously ill patients receive intensive treatment. On Tuesday, it was 3792.

It is the fifth day in a row that the number of patients on intensivafdelingerne fall in Italy.

Italy has total seen 139.442 confirmed smittetilfælde. Only the UNITED states and Spain have confirmed several coronasmittede among its citizens.

another bright spot is that about 2100 people are declared healthy after they have been hit by coronasmitten.

In all, the 26.491 declared healthy against 24.392 a day earlier.