Italy declared war on the peddlers of fake news about the coronavirus

the Updated data are forcing the Italian authorities to take additional measures aimed at “blocking” of the epidemic and the fake news on its distribution, and the fight against rogue traders cashing in on the tragedy.

Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti France is not going to close the borders because of the coronavirus

In the latter respect, the Italian prosecutors have initiated an investigation into speculative activities in the market. The day before passed searches in offices of the Italian Amazon and eBay. The law enforcers also detained the dealers on the street “with hands” sell the mask for 10 euros. In recent weeks, the mask has suddenly become one of the main “accessories” tools and media propaganda, which has been used by even the Governor of Lombardia Attilio Fontana, released in live in social networks with her face, after it became known about the infection of one of his assistants. Amid the General excitement (the demand for masks has increased in one week by 400 percent – approx. “RG”) on one of the sites there medical mask from Italian fashion house Fendi at a fabulous price, 190 Euro. As it turned out, this item is in the sale for many years, but with the outbreak of coronavirus it sold out in a matter of days. The only major city where the mask is not in Vogue and not yet mass psychosis, is, oddly enough, Rome. Local residents, including me, safely drive their kids to school and take public transportation without such protection. Some tourists also invigorates, showing impersonality to what is happening, especially for the Russians who are still pretty much in the “eternal city”.

“What a thrill to walk around Rome with almost no tourists!”, – I overheard a conversation between two compatriots, proudly stalking about near a sparsely populated Coliseum without a mask.

during the last weeks of the Italian Council of Ministers works in a mode non-stop, issuing a special decree after the other. One such emergency action was the resolution on financial assistance to areas affected by the coronavirus. In particular, we are talking about the suspension of payments and tax liabilities in 11 cities included in the so-called “red zone”. At the last meeting it was also decided to extend the quarantine for schools and universities in the North of Italy. In order not to interrupt the educational process, students are engaged with teachers through video chats and when using special applications.

If the situation in the regions the authorities somehow manage to keep under control, with the stream of lies and false information pouring from the pages of Italian, international press and social networks, as they cope with difficulty. For examples long walk is not necessary. Which is only one news published MCN News. This portal picked up and reported around the world about positive tests for coronavirus Dad and his two assistants. Later, news pereproshivka the whole world, the Holy see called a “total fake.”

Three players of the Italian club contracted the coronavirus

on Thursday, speaking at the foreign press Association in Rome, Minister for foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio also expressed concern regarding the spread of false information, urging journalists to be responsible and to tell about the real situation in the country.

“once it became known about the first cases of coronavirus in Italy, the authorities and academia showed the maximum transparency. It only makes Italy a country that can be trusted. However, these days we are faced with a huge number of fake, incorrect information regarding the infected, which causes enormous damage to the economy of the countriess (sectors of tourism and business, brand Made in Italy) and has a negative impact on the reputation of our scientific community. The situation came to this, that we are forced to talk not so much about the epidemic, how many of infogenie. Ask journalists to quote in their articles exclusively to the official reports distributed by service civil security”, – said the Italian foreign Minister, explaining that the intrusion affected only 0.05 percent of the entire territory of Italy, and that the foci of coronavirus only two, “not 10 or 100, as is sometimes presented”.

But you must give credit to the Italians, they are ready to share the responsibility with press. In the last days, I only hear self-critical criticisms from very different categories of people – from University professors to Housewives: “We-the Italians their hysteria, as expressed in the devastation of supermarkets and pharmacies, scared the whole world. Now tourists are afraid to come to us and he us in other countries shy away like the plague.”

fortunately, among the inhabitants of the Apennines there are also those which relate to what is happening with humor and creativity, which is inherent, perhaps, only the Italians. So in order to at least slightly ease the tension, one of the confectionery of Piacenza (region Emilia Romagna) invented a dessert called “coronavirus”. And the Italian street artist depicted a crush coronavirus epidemic, depicting a couple kissing in masks and holding in his hand disinfecting gel. The author accompanied his “painting” the uplifting hashtag, #MilanoNonSiFerma (#’ll Melanotaenia).

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Il coronavirus si è rapidamente diffuso nel nostro paese, tanto da portare a 400 la soglia dei contagiati e a 12 il conto delle vittime. Non manca una dose di ironia a volte accompagnata da un po’ di cattivo gusto. E ecco quindi in una pasticceria di Genova è stato creato il pasticcino #coronavirus al caffè. Chissà chi avrà il coraggio di mangiarlo #ANSA

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the kind of creative expression seem quite justified and does not seem to be a feast during the plague, because, along with the bad, and the fake news from Italy come the first good news. So, from Rome’s Spallanzani hospital, was discharged on the eve of all patients, and on March 2, after a week long break again opens its doors to Cathedral of Milan Duomo.

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“L’amore ai tempi del Co…vid-19”. Questo il titolo del nuovo murales firmato dallo street artist Tvboy updating the article published e sui social network. Compaiono Nell opera i due protagonisti del celebre ‘Bacio’ di Francesco Hayez mascherina con tanto di disinfettante e nelle mani contro il coronavirus. La didascalia è accompagnata dall hashtag #MilanoNonSiFerma. Presumibilmente il murales si trova nel capoluogo lombardo anche se l’autore non lo specifica #Coronavirus #Milano #Hayez #ANSA #ANSAphoto #ANSApic #photo #picture #photography #photographer

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