Italy closed all Opera houses

In all Opera houses of Italy the performances are canceled until 3 April. This decision was taken by the government in connection with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-2019.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti “Aeroflot” has reduced the number of flights to cities in Italy, China, South Korea and Vietnam

never at the home of Opera music did not fall silent so long: the legendary halls Opera houses are empty, and the lovers return the money for tickets purchased.

Among the famous theatres that will not work the whole of March – “La Scala” in Milan, the Rome Opera, “San Carlo” in Naples, La Fenice in Venice, Teatro Massimo in Palermo, “Petruzzelli” in Bari, “Regio” in Torino, “Teatro Carlo Felice” in Genoa, “Verdi” in Trieste and “Lirico” in Cagliari.

because of the coronavirus all over Italy will close down schools and universities

at the end of February the Milan theatre “La Scala” is temporarily canceled all performances due to the outbreak of a dangerous virus. Then it was only preventative measure that was supposed to last a week. Later it became known that the tenor involved in the new production of “Salome” by Richard Strauss and Opera already rehearsing with other performers, had contracted the coronavirus, and shortly before the disease was detected in one of the choir singers. To resume performances in such conditions was impossible, and soon the example of Milan’s “temple of music” followed by theatres throughout Italy.

Photo: YAFP who do not predict a quick end to the epidemic COVID-19

On today’s day theatrical life in Italy completely suspended throughout the country cancelled 7,400 performances, and financial damage exceed 10 million euros.

take appropriate security precautions and other European scenes: in Switzerland, for example, limit the age of visitors of theatres: people over 65 years of age is not recommended to come to the performances. Many countries have introduced limits on the number of spectators in the hall, for example – no more than 900 spectators. France is preparing to quarantine, then the music scene of the country can also be closed.


Bolshoi theatre the day after tomorrow, March 9, is due to leave on tour to France, where he will speak from 10 to 16 March at the festival “Franco-Russian musical seasons” (Les Musicales franco-russes), which holds in the capital of Occitania Tugan Sokhiev, and in the program mini-festival “Moscow weekend” on the stage of the Philharmonie de Paris.

While the tour wasn’t cancelled. Tonight at the Historic Bolshoi theatre will premiere a concert version of the Opera “Mazepa” by Tchaikovsky. This Opera 10 Mar should open the Bolshoi theatre in Toulouse. For remote control – Tugan Sokhiev.