Italy adopted on the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country

In Italy, the Council of Ministers adopted a decree with measures to combat the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 on the North of the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte after a five-hour emergency meeting.

According to Conte, the decree will allow the heads of the regions affected by the outbreak, to take further measures to prevent the departure of people from communes, which now can be considered homes. The Prime Minister stressed that, if necessary, will be established checkpoints and brought the armed forces.

Reporters asked the question of sanctions against those who disobey the prohibition, Conte answered and remembered about the criminal charges of “Disobeying the orders of the authorities.”

the Prime Minister said that would not use this article as a goal of punishment. “This is a precaution aimed in particular at protecting local population. Authorities rely on the trust of citizens who would be willing to endure discomfort within two weeks” — quoted Conte RIA Novosti.

In areas of the outbreak will be denied entry and exit, with a few exceptions, which will be evaluated in each case. In those areas already provided for the suspension of study, work activities and events.

Earlier, the Minister of youth policy and sport of Italy, Vincenzo Spadafora, said that the authorities are prepared to cancel all sports in the areas of Lombardy and Veneto Sunday, February 23.

According to the latest data, in Italy the total number of cases infected with coronavirus has increased to 79, two people died, one was discharged from hospital after recovery. The infection was recorded in five regions of Italy. Most infected – 54 in Lombardy. Taken to hospital 51 people, 18 cases are in intensive care.