In the Italian area of Sant’elpidio a Mare, in the Marche region, is a school teacher died as a result of a heart attack. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were in the events from the eyes of his disciples, who were just taught the 58-year-old Italian restaurant in the iPad of her husband.

It wasn’t the first time that Fabrizio Borgi in a virtual way, taught it to his students. Due to the coronacrisis are, in fact, even in the hard-hit Italy and the schools are closed. That was always very, very fast, but this time, it led to the lesson, therefore, from a wide range of services. During the show, of course, with Borgi and the webcam on the iPad to be in direct contact with his disciples, and began to cough. Then he disappeared from view, and remained in his chair, exhausted.

the heart attack

The students were thinking in the first instance, that the school as an emergency call and had to do it, but in the silence that followed lasted for a very long time. They decided, eventually, to the emergency services to be notified. The right decision, it turned out to be.

The emergency services were quickly on the spot, and were just starting to go through the challenge, which at the time was working in the house, but was not aware of the incident, they immediately to the resuscitation of the man. Well, that was still in front of the eyes of the students. The teacher was able to do not be saved and died at the scene. According to Italian media, the man is not succumbing to the effects of the corona virus, but he had a heart attack, got it.