Everything begins with a TV report about a Roma camp in Milan’s periphery. In the Via Monte Bisbino Roma had bought families once worthless Land and without planning permission, their houses pulled up. A thorn in the side of Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini (46). He wants to make such a wild camp to the ground – which makes him, of course, is not just popular with the travelling people.

In the Repo will be asked of the Roma, what do you think of Salvini. And a woman used strong words: “You would have him shoot a bullet in the head,” she complains in the broadcast, “he wants to destroy us Roma.” You will remain anonymous. For the time being. The Minister of the interior and Deputy Prime Minister on Twitter then angry. “You find it normal that a Gypsy woman wishes to have a Salvini with a shot to the head?” and the Roma woman directed, he writes further: “Quiet, you dirty Gypsy, quiet. Wait until I come with the excavator.”

“I never betrayed Italy”

The racist derailment of Salvini triggers a Shitstorm. Again a TV Team goes to the Roma woman. She lives it taps a magnificent building with Golden water, and glass chandeliers. “Yes, I have stolen. Everything that is not nailed down was to build this house. In order for it to have my children better and not end up like we are,” says the woman.

her husband Also steps in front of the camera “Rete4”: “If you tear off my house, I’m going to pour me with petrol and set fire to it.” Then he says: “I was in jail. Because of theft and fraud. But I never betrayed the Italians. Only Foreigners. In Switzerland. Because of the money. I was brought here to Italy.”

– entry ban in Switzerland

The Interview also the Swiss Lega-the Council of state, Norman Gobbi (42) does not escape. And in fact, the Roma in the TV Interview the local authorities. The Director of the cantonal Department of Justice is posting on Facebook: “The man has a ban on entry to Switzerland.”

Norman Gobbi, posting on Facebook: “I am proud that we take in Ticino since 2012, no foreign driving people. We will regularly keep track of the Roma from illegal Camps of Lombardy and the Piedmont.”