Although smittetallene falls in the north of Italy, it has not put an end to the country’s problems. On the contrary.

After a month of hard mental and physical pressure, experience the health care professionals on the Italian hospitals, that crack together.

It tells the two Italian nurses Maddalena Ferrari and Maria Berardelli to news agency AP.

Although they are both two experienced nurses from the Bergamo hospital, experiencing both, that the emotions have been difficult to manage, because it has been through up until now, has felt like a war.

Originally, they are both employed as the operating nurses, but under the coronakrisen, they have worked in the intensive care unit.

And it has not been an easy task in northern Italy.

In just the past day are 542 people found dead in Italy. A decline from the 604 from the previous day. In all, Italy’s total death toll on the 17.669.

It has also gone out of your health care professional. Both their health and their psyche.

Over 13,000 sygehusansatte have been infected by corona in Italy. Of which is 90 physicians and 20 søgeplejersker died as a result of the virus.

Therefore, hospitals have arranged free, digital therapy for the medical staff.

Some hospitals organise also group therapy to help the employees with the trauma, if they have seen many people die.

It is, according to dr Alessandro Colombo some of the experiences, which consumes the reserves:

“You can run on adrenaline the first month, but when we are inside the second month, we are becoming physically and mentally worn-out.”

And that is exactly what the two operating nurses Maddalena Ferrari and Maria Berardelli experience.

“We have embraced the hopeful patients, who had children’s drawings with him into at the hospital. Many of these patients never came out from the hospital alive,” says Maddalena Ferrari.

The two nurses says further, that they are never going to get used to seeing someone die. The best is to see some become fresh again.

Maddalena Ferrari lives with his aging parents. In fear of infecting them, she takes first his sikkerhedsmaske when she is inside by herself.

And here arise the tears themselves.

According to the same doctor Alessandro Colombo, there are many sygehusansatte, that makes as Maddalena Ferrari and isolate themselves from the family.

For them will be the mental strain extra hard.