An Italian nurse has killed herself out of fear of others to become infected with the feline corona virus. In the regrettable event that is now being applied to the mental pressure among the medical staff in the discussion.

Put Trezzi (34), which stood at the ready in the intensive ward of a hospital in Milan. The Italian city -bird’s-eye view, 14 km from the Milan – located in Lombardy, in the worst-hit regions of the united states. On 10 march, she was home sick, the test will be that they are, indeed, infected.

See also the PORTRAIT of The kaartersclub on assisted living facilities is The Fountain, all of which died at corona: “It would be great-grandfather, which I’ve yet to be able to say,” use

“She was under severe stress because of fear had been that’s just it, the virus will continue to spread”, and according to the Italian association of the world. “In her efforts to get the crisis under control, try to keep it up, lost it in the middle of nowhere. A week earlier, there was also a similar case in Venice, italy.”

London was a young nurse, will also put an end to her life. At the hospital, where she worked for eight coronadoden in some cases.

Alarm bell
so it’s Time to sound the alarm to attract them. “We have chosen this profession in both good and evil at times. With the pressure physicians and nurses to the camps, it is hardly to be underestimated”, according to the association.

according to figures published by Italian research institute shows that the country is now 5.760 healthcare workers tested positive for the corona virus. The medical staff is an 8 per cent, of the total number of infections, the counter was yesterday 69.176. “This percentage is an urgent need to move down, or we will be in trouble”, you hear the sound of it. Thirty doctors have made the struggle, in the meantime, all of their lives have to pay for this.