There are the “innovative financial instruments” on the table, require Giuseppe Conte, who claim to Spanish support.

Coronakrisen is the centre of an EU summit, as of Thursday evening quite extraordinary is unfolding via video link between Europe’s capitals.

And the proposal that can gather a consensus on in cyberspace, is “lacking in ambition” to address the tremendous economic challenges, as some EU countries are faced with.

It takes Italy’s prime minister, which unusually has issued a statement. While the meeting is still in progress.

In the opinion requires Giuseppe Conte more “innovative financial instruments”, writes the news agency Reuters.

Italy is badly affected by corona virus, both human and economic, and therefore, the country has demanded effective action from the EU.

Italy, along with eight other countries before the meeting, sent a letter to EU president Charles Michel.

The nine appeals with the letter to the jointly issuing debt, via so-called corona-bonds – and therefore collectively liable for this. The desire for it is not great in the larger euro area countries in north Holland and Germany.

Furthermore, before the meeting has been talk about bringing the european UNION’s rescue fund – The European Stabilitetsmekanime (ESM) – in the game. It can be done in different ways, and no solution is found on it. There are 410 billion euros in the.

Conte will give the EU a deadline of ten days to come up with something very powerful. He mentions, however, is not what he will do, if there does come a – for him to see – better suggestions.

The time limit of ten days is supporting Spain. It says at least Conte. Spain is also being hit hard by the corona virus, with many infected and dead.

the Economy is on its knees, after you have closed the community down.

The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen (S), participant in the videomødet from Copenhagen.