The head of the White house Donald trump during his remarks in a special address, predicted “fantastic” growth of the U.S. economy in the third quarter.

“As I said, you will have a fantastic third quarter. It will be a quarter of what no one has ever seen, in my opinion. Well the fact that the figures (third quarter) will be published right before the election so that people will be able to see them. The third quarter will be incredibly good”, – quotes RIA “news” the American leader.

To carry trump: how elections in the U.S. will hurt the global economy

In his opinion, 2021 will be a “historic, incredible for jobs” and growth companies.

We will remind, for the period from mid-March to 23 may the number of unemployed in the US increased by 40 million people. VZGLYAD talked about the signs of the great depression the economic crisis in the United States.

Presidential elections in USA will be held November 3, 2020. Trump said that in case of victory Joseph Biden in the elections in the country will collapse the stock market.