Consult a psychic ? Never ! Both play my life with the flip of a coin. And then I saw nothing coming, and I’m beautiful and well-found, at the end of September, the drink-clairvoyance of the restaurant Ma Cocotte in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), in the grounds of the antiques market Paul Bert-Serpette. Without a doubt, the humor of the flyer – “The drink-clairvoyance, special back, the only drink where we see a clear in-out” – coupled with the irresistible promise ” to address the fall in confidence with Eva Merhis, medium by gift of birth for more than twenty years “. I booked a formula aperitif-clairvoyance, from 32 euros for two people, a dish to share and two glasses of wine, the consultation being offered.

Pascale Abecassis, head of the communication event of the restaurant, set up that appointment in January 2015. His skepticism from the beginning has given place to an enthusiasm shared by hundreds of candidates to the predictions. In total, five appointments, to be distributed at key moments of the year, in January, April, June, September and December ; ” periods that match your needs, your desires to be enlightened on his future “.

I enter the restaurant, enveloped by the open kitchen on the smiles of the cooks, brick wall, decoration and furniture, antique, raw wood, a long, high table at which I sit. My first name is inscribed on the list alongside those of thirty people, – never more, because ” beyond that, Eva can’t see anything more “. There are three men this evening – rarely more. “Some people are going to see the psych, other their medium. Everyone needs to be reassured, ” says Pascale Abecassis. “Eva will be late, she’s stuck in traffic” excuse the organizer while I think everything down : if it does not foretell the caps, will-t-she a glimpse of those who may stand in my way ? There is no doubt that, according to the habitues of the place. “Stunning “, this is on all the mouths. Or again : “Awesome. “

“You have a strong presence”

Impressed, I am in spite of myself when I cross the curtain that separates the restaurant’s private dining room where is installed Eva Merhis, a shawl on the shoulders. Under a fringe of black raven, his eyes sparkle in the glow of a candle. I sit down in front of her, short of breath. And if I disclose that I do not want to know ? “You have a strong presence “, she said to me. I return the compliment. During the ten minutes that are to follow, otherwise to deliver my first name and my date of birth, I’m not going to say a word. While emphasizing and adding the figures on the sheet located in front of it – ” I am not a numerologist for many, it is a way to get me to focus on the energies and emotions “, she says-the seer evokes a warm voice, the flow voluntarily content, the last decade of my professional life with uncanny accuracy. The dates and circumstances of past changes, from one function to another, from one service to the other. His gaze focuses on the dance of his pen, his left thumb playing with the beads of a necklace Mâlâ wrapped around his palm. Am I so predictable ? It then discusses the future prospects in this area : “a move” – well seen ! – and ” this man a few years older than you, with an “o” in its name, which will play a key role ” – who can it be ? The list is too long to flush out this providential unknown.

The hubbub of the room reaches me suddenly. She kills and looks me straight in the eyes. “Nothing happens by chance “, she said to me while holding out his business card. I raise a pan of the curtain and return to my table, legs in cotton, picked by pressing ” So, what did she say to you ? “. This is the time to remember what was said or shut up what one wishes to keep for itself. Eva Merhis is devoid of the pitfalls of the past and challenges to come. Not a word about my personal life. A little taste… After all, she is not there for stopping the evening of the guests. The next drink-clairvoyance is attached to the 5 December.

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