She was in the ding dong
super duper sing song
fini mini flower power clothing

the Year was 1969. The hit was Ulla Pia, an old dansktopsangerinde. Yeah, I can feel the indignation, but I HAVE been allowed to call her old, though she has only just filled 75.

Once she said to me:

“When one’s wardrobe is going on the fashion for the third time, then you ARE old.”

And flower power… yes, it has been passed three times now. I even love the 70’s-ripe. So much so that when I the other day went out at the door, wearing kassebukser and something that looks like a afghanerpels, heard my husband say:

“Hey sweetie! 70s called; they want their clothes back.”

the 70’s are seriously the decade that clothes me best. And I know it, because I a few years ago were allowed to go in every nook and cranny on the DR’s kostumelager, where we had to find five decades of look forward. The 90’s was a terrible disappointment: the Plastic, metallic, neon, bad pasformer, miserable materials and no any red thread in addition to that, it mostly was uklædeligt.

But the’80s… they could also the one or other. I was convinced, since last year I had the pleasure to participate in a program ‘Loving greetings’ on the TV 2, which my family and I were conjured back to the year 1983.

In the three full days we had to live like back then. My big son was to his own enthusiasm wearing a mintgrønt joggingsæt, and gudhjælpemig not a broadly similar set of were seen at this year’s fashionshow in Paris. So something tells me that the’80s knocking on again.

The three days in ’83 was also quite enchanting in a surprisingly authentic way. There were no cell phones. That was, in turn, coffee in the morning and reading newspapers to krydderbollerne and kommenosten. And then there was bipbipspil, or rather ‘Donkey Kong’, and goood time for it all. The program republished in addition, in the morning.

All right, there are many things I don’t want to get back from the’80s: the cold war, the bad food habits and hjemmepermanenten, but otherwise I can be a bit nostalgic, when I close my eyes and dream of me go where there was not cell phones and social media.

Mon is it possible to do without these paraphernalia today? I mean, we decide themselves. I can find the pastel decoration above, if it is it. But it is just not the same.

I can save the clothes from today and see if I can preserve something from 2020, when one day I in the 2050 long back, but the race is probably run with regard to the technique.

I think the point must be to enjoy it, which is right here and right now. While it is still here.

Annette Heick

Annette Heick was born in 1971. She is a journalist, tv host, singer, and entrepreneur, and is married to the chef Jesper Vollmer. She is the mother of two sons.