Viewers can now follow the blossoming love between Anna and Oliver on ‘Paradise Hotel’, after Casper to his great disappointment, had to leave the hotel. Both Casper and Daniel have since spoken with great letters, on their feelings about Anna’s deception, and now there is more information on the table, which will undoubtedly create quite a stir in the pond.

In the latest episode of ‘Juicy News’ promises Anna and Olivia reveals a secret they have worn in a long time.

Already the first day, Oliver checked into the hotel, there was sparks between the two paradisoer, and in the unprecedented ‘Paradise’clip will be exchanged wet kiss between them, despite the fact that Casper was still at the hotel.

Would tilt the Casper of the stick

In the ‘Juicy News’ tells Oliver about his strategy to score Anna.

I take hold of Anna and says that I know her type, and that Casper is not her type. And then I try to tilt him of the stick, so I could even “slide” entering, says Oliver with a butter grin.

Fortunately, Anna is not dismissive of the kiss, even though she, at that time, have a flirt running with Casper.

I kissed Oliver, because I could not let be, tell a love with Anna.

Watch the clip in the top of the article, where Anna and Oliver kiss on Oliver’s first day.

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