It official on Shoe covers called aback

Who should provide doctors protective clothing?

In government circles this question suddenly aroused heated debate.

Two days ago, the Deputy Minister of health of Krasnodar Krai Valentina Ignatenko scolded doctors for not can afford to sew the Shoe covers.

In response, the Senator Alexei Pushkov told the Deputy Minister to sit down and sew Shoe covers, if she can’t arrange their delivery in the hospital.

the Position of Senator vellus looks, of course, more convincing.

still, the task of doctors is to treat and not to sew. The task of the officials is to provide physicians protective clothing.

“Pay a thousand rubles in his farm, you any woman will be sewn. Dressmaker who knows how to sew,” explained at the meeting of Valentina Ignatenko doctors infectious disease hospitals order their actions, strictly considering the kind of laziness and inertia.

Although these actions had to do herself — as the official responsible for ensuring the safety of medical staff.

Making sure that Shoe covers are missing and nowhere to buy them, she had to gather dressmakers, purchasing suitable fabric, to sew boot covers and deliver them to hospitals. And pay all it from the budget of the Ministry, not out-of-pocket health care workers, as she recommends.

In this connection a fiery speech the official causes some surprise.

With such shameless audacity she passes their duties to the subordinates, that is breathtaking. Whether she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Whether understands, but somehow believes that her “all is possible”.

the Quality of Russian officials — extremely low throughout the country. This is a big problem of our system of public administration. Particularly severe and painful for people it manifests in moments of crisis.

In a crisis, people expect managers competent, professional action. But instead I get “advice from Valentina Ignatenko”.

the reason for the low quality of Russian officials known to all. High positions are assigned to relatives and relatives, lovers and mistresses, and when they are all arranged, it’s time for sycophants Scam and loyal to the head of the blockheads. In the end, people who really know their area of responsibility and really take responsibility for it, in power in the afternoon with fire not to find. They eliminated on the distant approaches, and demonstrated to us once again the Deputy Minister of healthcare of Krasnodar region.

it Should be noted that with Shoe covers — Yes, there is a problem. And not even the biggest. All PPE (personal protective equipment) is now in a huge deficit in the country.

Three weeks ago, when the pandemic in Russia was just beginning, part of the hospitals was transferred to the patients with coronavirus. PPE for these hospitals were collected by hospitals, whiche had to work in peaceful mode with ordinary patients.

But the number of cases has grown and continues to grow.

Accordingly, it is necessary to convert to the “cowed” additional hospital. And they have stocks Sizov already cleaned up. They gave everything to those who went “on break” first.

Many doctors and heads of departments of such medical institutions is now urgently looking for sponsors and purchase PPE for their staff on the black market.

Prices are rising by leaps and bounds. “Tyvek” — white jumpsuit with a hood that the doctors are in “red” zone, — month ago cost 600 rubles. As told “MK” a businessman, helping one of the hospitals last Wednesday, he bought a batch of “civikov” at 3800 RUB. per share.

Regional public health departments in this situation, too, of course, try to look for something to purchase for hospitals, but due to administrative restrictions, they need more time.

“Until, of course, there are regions where not enough are stocks of personal protective equipment, stockpiles of necessary equipment for treatment, especially for lung — confirmed yesterday, Dmitry Peskov, and where there are still no sufficient reserve Fund beds”.

In this regard is not entirely clear, of course, why Russia recently sent planes PPE and ventilators as humanitarian assistance to Italy, USA and Serbia.

However, Shoe covers there seemed to be no. But this is only because the Ministry of health of the Krasnodar territory in time are not connected. But it would and booties for humanitarian aid sewed our doctors.