today opens a small part of Denmark.

It has most been waiting for, but the opening is an experiment of the big.

the day care and the youngest classes in schools are given the opportunity to start on a daily life that resembles normal. It will be only an approximation of the requirements for the youngest is unintelligible to them, and they have even harder to live up to big distance, no hugs and great hand hygiene.

It will be difficult for physical reasons, but even more by psychological reasons. If you have visited a nursery or kindergarten recently, you know why. The kids playing in the water, and as the most natural thing in the world embraces the children of the other children. It will be hard to stop. And you also have it?

While Danish parents nervously assessing whether they should let their children participate in the small opening, sitting other just as nervously and waiting for them to be allowed to open.

business Owners and managers must nervously scouting the horizon for an opening, and their uncertainty is growing day by day. The economic uncertainty and crisis is just as big as the health.

so Far, the debate has at home concentrated on the small and medium-sized businesses without the large liquidity. They are certainly endangered. But it also applies to the other.

The big companies have not been visible in public, but they also suffer – just in a larger scale. Business bosses to interfere rarely in political debates, they are used to dealing with crises – they are used to not complaining. In business you don’t get points and the respect of the jammer, but to create solutions and answer any of his.

Why is it unusual, when the B. T. today can tell you about a large Danish company, Sunclass Airlines, which greatly suffer and perhaps approaching a bankruptcy. It serves the director Torben Østergaard for the honor, he in clear tones, explains how the Danish company, which for 55 years has flown danes around in the whole world, actually is a threat to their life.

With a fleet of aircraft on the ground and nowhere to fly. With 1200 employees, who are sent home, because they can not work, but that still needs to be paid, the company may be close to closing. The company’s wages are above normal – far above – and therefore is hjælpepakkerne not enough to save the Danish airline.

Sunclass Airlines lose between one and one and a half million dollars per day – per day – that no business can continue.

It is paradoxical that the company, which has Danish collective agreements, is worse than a large number of low-cost airlines that are registered in Ireland and fly with poorer pay and working conditions. Coronakrisen may, on its own bizarre way close healthy Danish companies, whereas others with inferior working conditions will survive.

It is vital that the government and the minister of trade Kollerup realizing the magnitude and threat. That should help for big companies, so they don’t shut down and send thousands of Danish employees at the gate. The current packages should be extended and adapted.

When you read Simon Kollerups response to the B. T., it does not seem as if he has realized that there are companies that have the knife on the throat. There is a need for more than ‘understanding’ and ‘attention’. They do not have time to wait.

The Danish aircraft and travel companies come not in the air the interim, here are all the countries dependent of each other. There are not any places to fly, before the world is open again.

Therefore, there is need for action now – even if it becomes expensive.