Chronic. Emmanuel Macron he likes to ” our elders “, as he says ? The pensioners, who have largely contributed to his victory in may 2017, have the answer dépitée : “No, the president of the Republic, we actually pay a part of its reforms. “Their criticism is well founded, but they should not be surprised. He had announced during his campaign that he would make the choice of the activity to give their place to young people and reduce unemployment.

It” assumes ” without shame – and not without courage – when the trip is punctuated by exchanges spot with retirees in anger. As this day of march, 2018, at Tours (Indre-et-Loire), where an old lady calls it out behind a safety barrier. “We worked all our lives, and we pump,” she laments. “You have not been pumped, it has dropped 30 % employee contributions for people who are working can pay for your pensions, he replied. I ask you a little effort for me to help revive the economy. “The debate is a bit simplistic. As if there were 25 million of assets on one side and 16 million retirees, identical to the other.

decent Income

As the government also operates transfers unsuspected among the elderly. We can do a reading less “social” than him of the last trade-offs between generations, as called for by the economist Daniel Cohen. The increase of 1.7 percentage point of the CSG to 60 % of retirees and the désindexation of pensions to prices (+ 0.3% in 2019 and 2020) to cover the cost of the tax cuts on capital (wealth tax and tax fixed at 30 %). Thus, the pensioners of middle-class property owners to finance a transfer of 5 billion euros for the benefit of the holders of a large capital… often pensioners themselves.

But, if looking back over the past half-century, Macron has reason. The retirement system,…