451’417 francs – a nice annual income, the welfare of everyone. For this purpose, a lump-sum Expense allowance of CHF 30’000, Free mobile phone, company car and First-class GA. How to get there? Through years of working on their own career – and much, much happiness. 451’417 Swiss francs earned, in fact, a Federal Council or a Federal councillor, plus pension Fund contributions. Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) gets even 12’000 francs more.

however, There are only seven Jobs in the whole country – to get hold of one of them, is quite difficult. And what you have to do, is tiring. You will never be free, must always be reachable, carries a lot of responsibility and is constantly in the criticism.

In the Federal house there 440 Swiss francs per day

Better National it – and Ständeräte. You come to a parliamentary income (however, including remuneration and expenses) of 130’000 to 150’000 Swiss francs. The as: 26’000 Swiss francs will get the parliamentarians as a basis, plus for each day you spend at the Session or in Committee meetings, 440 francs.

For personnel and non – personnel expenses you will get in addition to 33’000 Swiss francs per year. Add to this the compensation for food, travel and accommodation, as well as the contributions to the pension Fund. A part of the compensation is tax-free. Anyone who wants to know it exactly, can watch, for example, the covers of the SP national councillor Cédric Wermuth (33). The Aargauer lists his income for years on his Website.

Depending on the party affiliation of the National and Ständeräte, however, make a more or less large part of their remuneration for their party.

In the cantons of slavery

though The income is impressive, especially when you consider that politicians in the Swiss militia system Yes other income – from their civil profession, and mandates that you exercise for organisations or companies. A bad business policy.

but This is true only for the national level. To get there, must be financially more below. The classic slog – by the municipality – on the cantonal to the Federal level – is not particularly lucrative.

for example, the cantonal Parliament: Here, you can’t live from a seat. More than Meeting fees, there is not, per session, there are 100 to 240 Swiss francs. In the Canton of Solothurn, for example, a member of the Parliament is between 4500 and 5000 Swiss francs per year. Makes an hourly wage of 29 to 33 francs.

government responsibility is better

Better paid Executive jobs are paid, so in the city or Canton governments. As the most populous Canton of Zurich, swings obenaus: The annual salary of senior civil servants is 325’000 Swiss francs. Financially, the Situation has improved of New councillor Natalie Rickli (42, SVP) so.

In Appenzell Innerrhoden there are 90’000 Swiss francs. However, the Canton is governed in part-time, the members of the so-called state Commission have set a quota of 40 to 60 percent.

Also, he who rules a city, you can live well. The wages of city councils over are like over 200’000 francs, part of which clearly.

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