It feels good, it is really nice. It has been a nice process, ” says Huru after the filming of the historic nyttårstalen was done just before christmas.

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She hopes she gets the message she has at heart.

But you have the begrensa with time, I should like to have said a lot more, ” she says.

She has got nine minutes to deliver a message to the kven and Norwegian-Finnish people, but also to all other norwegians since this for the first time sent in prime time on NRK TV. Among them is the very many people know very little about the kvenene and English-fins.

Among other things, she speaks about the work that is underway through the Truth and forsoningskommisjonens work.

– We have to learn to share what we know, ” she says and points to the fact that kvenene has been called “the silent people”.

Some of them are behind the production of the current nyttårstalen together with kvenredaksjonen, from ve. journalist Anne-Mari Rahkonen Berg, photographer/editor Per Einar Grønmo, the leader of the Norske Kveners Association Hilja Huru, journalist Laila Lanes, distriktsredaktør for Troms, Nina Einem and production supervisor Ragnhild Giæver.

Photo: Bernt Olsen / Bernt Olsen

She talks otherwise about this year’s big theme of sustainability and climate and what is happening with youth all over the world.

– You can refer to the traditions of the finns and other people have to through the generations care for the environment and pass on to those who come after. It is a type of knowledge that is important, ” she says.

And she will also use the term “sustainability” if it is to take care of the language and culture.

– Also the small languages and cultures are important to have and so on so that they can be a part of the diversity.

Challenging to keep the speech on the kven

Hilja Huru has learned a part kven, but speak it not in to on a daily basis.

– How is it, then, to give a talk on the kven?

– It is quite challenging, it is a longer process. I have written a speech in English and then translated into kven, it is done together with the Kven institute and the LiisaKoivulehto (journalist in Ruijan Kaiku), in order to get a good kven text, ” she says.

the Speech must be possible for her to read.

– I understand what I read, but have a little trouble with the pronunciation. It is not perfect, but that I must accept. But I think it is important to do it on the kven so I try it, it wouldn’t have been the same to take the entire speech in English. The kven sound is important, ” she says.

Anticipation and joy among the kvens

Among many finns, it is received with joy that nyttårstalen for the first time will be sent on NRK TV.

Trygg Jakola, former manager of the Norske Kveners Association, believes it has great symboleffekt that NRK is sending the current nyttårstalen in prime time on tv.

Photo: Knut-Sverre Horn / NRK

Safe Jakola from Vestre Jakobselv, who has been deputy chairman of the Norske Kveners Association, he says to benke himself in front of the tv and watch it together with other finns.

– That NRK will send a nyttårstale on kven in prime time on new year’s eve is a big event. Don’t know what I’m going to compare it with, but if someone had said to me some years ago that it will happen, so I had said “ällä höppötä” (in English “not nonsense”). It tells that one of the NRK have understood the importance of communicating “the current”, and it also says that the jobbinga that are made from many finns, give the results, he writes in an e-mail.

He believes it has great symboleffekt, both internally among kvenene and outwardly. The knowledge of the kvens and the kven language will get a boost over it pretty country, and the awareness and pride of being who, will also be lifted, he thinks.

– Important that it keeps NRK-standard

The NRK2 and want to send nyttårstalen, made sure it was set in extra resources to the recordings, ” says distriktsredaktør in Troms, Nina Einem.

– NRK it has been important that it could keep the Norwegian broadcasting corporation-the standard, including when it comes to lighting, sound, understand subtitles, and so on, ” she says.

Therefore NRK candidate for that the music is played again, it is purchased more photos from the dokumentarfoto project to Åsne Between and the NRK have been, and made recordings on the Kven institute on the occasion of the recordings.

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– Hilja Huru has had full freedom on the content of the speech, but since it now gets a larger national audience, so we have oppfordra her to take with some basic information about the kvenene/English-finns in Norway. This is a great opportunity to spread the knowledge about our national minority, ” says Nina Einem.

You can see the speech on NRK2 new year’s Eve at. 1850.

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