It is estimated how long the Russians can save up for a car

the Purchase of a car for the average citizen of Russia – a momentous event which must be carefully prepared, first of all in material terms. Meanwhile, the researchers argue that the time it will take not so much.

comparisons of average wages and the cost of cars in the secondary market of Russia has allowed analysts Avito to state that, save up for a car in our country on average, less than a year. A used car is 429 thousand rubles, and the average salary in our country is 39 thousand.

However, analysts say that to achieve such a result, the Russians will have to put in a jug all of your personal income, and exist, apparently, at the expense of other family members.

the Average term of accumulation of the required amount as of January 2020, have not changed compared to last year, while the growth of car prices in our country and has overtaken the wage increase. In some regions, can accumulate on the car faster. For example, in Volgograd it is possible to do this for 2 months, and in Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk – 1 month faster due to growth in average wages and a slight drop in prices on the secondary market. A Omsk to raise the necessary funds, it will take only 10 months, here are the most affordable cars in Russia.

the longest will have to save the residents of Irkutsk 15 months, and the Rostov, Krasnodar and Samara citizens for the filling of the capsule will take 14 months.

Curiously, the easiest way to save up for a car Russian citizen employed in the construction industry. According to analysts, the average salary in construction is almost 50 thousand rubles and, accordingly, to acquire the average Lada Priora (the most popular model in the secondary market), the Builder will require approximately 4 monthly salaries.

Text: Avtovesti