Creepy, creepy, Pennywise – who’s been in the 90s, a large, should have in front of the Horror-Clown from “It” and feared by Stephen King (71). For the television adaptation, which is flared in 1990, for the first Time on American screens, and also in this country quickly became a cult legend. If you look at the mini-series, however, today, it is clear that most of its horrors to fizzle out for adult viewers. 2019 Pennywise learned with the remake “It: Chapter 1” but the next Generation of the Fear. The new Version struck a nerve and was even one of the most successful Horror flick of all time.

Now the circus of horror opens its doors once again, on the 6. September 2 is “Chapter” to the movies. After the “Club of losers” was able to defeat the Monster under Derry, apparently, 27 years ago, shows a new series of murders, that It is by no means dead. The seven friends must redeem their promises, and, once again, to the place of horror return against the child-eater to compete with terrible consequences.

“It” has long been regarded as a non-filmbar. Finally, the template of Stephen King all 1138 pages. The actions of the past and present into two separate movies, to split was the right decision. Unfortunately, it is not enough but, nevertheless, now all of the lengths right. The first part was open not only to the many strands of the plot, the second will open many more. So It works”: Chapter 2″ at the same time to long-winded and rushed.

To a lot of loud shock moments, a little Scary

The great strength of “It: is Chapter 2”, however, and Bill Skarsgård (29) remains as Pennywise. When the Horror speaks to Clown from the dark with a little girl, a hair. But such moments are too little. Because “It is: Chapter 2” is less subtle atmosphere than the loud shock moments. Here is Packed, not messy. So you see, Pennywise, less in his Clown Form – much to the detriment of the film. As It dances, for example, in the body of a naked grandmother in the Background of a setting of door-to-door, isn’t scary, not even creepy. You verkneift in the cinema chair with a Smile. The Golden rule of horror films is confirmed by “It”: Less is often more.

Quite the “Club of losers, but once more”. It’s Fun to see what happened to the seven friends, after they had to face as children to such horrors. The figures seem credible and all the more it is feverish in their struggle against their deep-seated with trauma. It is not only a monstrous shapeshifter that eats children. It is also a Symbol for children’s fears and burdens, the not letting go even as an adult. And that would be actually scary. Would be.