The Zurich-based Director of Security Mario Fehr (60) wants to get rid of the hate preachers of the Winterthur’Only mosque. Case with the Deportation of the convicted Imam (26) is facing problems, has created the SP-ler with Federal councillor and party colleague, Simonetta Sommaruga (58) and is on the verge of it to forfeit its successor in the Department of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (55, FDP).

Fehrs hope: The louder he rants, the more the Federal government in Bern seeks to create the hate-preacher is finally out of the country. However, this strategy might boomerang. “I don’t understand, Mr. Fehr enters the case, public is so wide,” says Alberto Achermann, Professor of migration law at the University of Bern. Because, under the circumstances, the result is that the Ethiopians can be creates. “There is the possibility that the prominence of a Person leads to a new tracking situation,” says Achermann.

Public attention to threatened Deportation

reason for this so-called sur place are reasons that can make an asylum claim. Thus, persecution refers to reasons arising after the escape of a Person from his country of origin – for example, due to anti-government political activity. An asylum application a Person relying on it, he can be, at most, recognised as a refugee. For example, because of the then threatened suddenly to life and limb.

there is A possibility that also exists in Winterthur preachers of hate. The reporting of the case, lead to an increased exposure of Ethiopian father, says Peter Meier of the Swiss refugee aid. “This could have the consequence that subjective post-flight grounds have to be answered in the affirmative” – depending on the threat of consequences in the country of origin. And Ethiopia is going in the fight against radicalism hard. A “dangerous Islamists”, as the Fehr referred to, is not going to take back the African Land safely with a kiss on the Hand. Professor Achermann: “The more dangerous the man is represented, the greater is the risk that you can’t send him back.”

SVP-ler for a Syrian family in a

With the help of media presence, the recognition of force as a refugee: This is been tried in the past, according to Achermann, too. In 2011 at the Urging of Christian organizations, several SVP-national councils, in Parliament, in the case of a Syrian family in public, which is converted to your escape to Christianity and stated that she is in your home the tracking. The public make showed clearly an effect. The family was recorded in the fourth attempt, finally, provisional.