for Example, in the regions of the North-West hardest for the year, real estate has risen in Cherepovets, the growth amounted to 14.7% and now an apartment in the secondary market in this industrial centre of the Vologda region sold a rate of 44.8 thousand rubles per square meter.

In Kaliningrad rising prices for the year amounted to 12.4 per cent, the price per square meter reached here 69,8 thousand rubles.

For comparison, in St. Petersburg apartment for the year rose by 3.2 percent, now apartments on the secondary market in St. Petersburg sold in an average 127,3 thousand rubles per square meter.

In the Central Federal district grew the most, housing prices in the city of Kovrov of the Vladimir region (16.3 percent), although real estate prices here were initially relatively low. Now a square meter of real estate on the secondary market this city rich in history and architecture can be purchased for 36,4 thousand roubles. At 11.1 percent, went flat in Tambov (49.8 thousand rubles for “square”), 9.3% in eagle (48.7 thousand). In Moscow, where housing prices are traditionally the highest in the country, growth for the year was 4.5 percent. Now a square meter of real estate in the secondary market of the capital is sold for was 215.4 thousand rubles.

Among the South regions, the fastest growing prices in Krasnodar. Apartments for the year in this Sunny city has risen by 7.6 percent and reached 67.4 thousand roubles. In the Caucasus the largest price increase recorded in the Philippines (10.6 percent, the price per “square” – 51,1 thousand).

In the Volga Federal district, most notably for the year rose apartments in Perm. The growth amounted to 8.9 percent, the price per “square” has reached 62 thousand rubles. But the most significant drop in apartment prices was recorded in the Bashkir city October, here are the prices for apartments for the year fell 16 per cent and now the apartments here are sold based 47 thousand rubles per square meter. In the Urals most of all fell the prices of apartments in Miass. Second homes here for a year fell 13.7 percent, and now the apartment here sold a rate of 32.3 thousand rubles. While the strongest price growth in the Urals Federal district, recorded in Novy Urengoy. Here are the prices for secondary housing for the year soared by 18.4 percent and reached 111 thousand rubles for “square”. It is worth noting that New Urengoy is now in the Urals city with the most expensive housing. In second place in Nefteyugansk (82,7 thousand rubles per square), the third Surgut (78,2) and only on the fourth Yekaterinburg (75,1 thousand).

In Siberia, the highest prices for housing in the city of Prokopevsk of the Kemerovo region. During the year the apartments here has risen by 19.7 percent, the price per square meter now stands at 33.6 thousand.

And in the far East the fastest rise in price of apartments in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For the year prices rose by 13.3 percent�� and now an apartment in this city can be bought for 131 thousand rubles. On the second place in Vladivostok, where the prices for secondary housing also go up for a year of apartments here has risen by 8.8 per cent and now wish to acquire real estate in the capital of the Primorsky region should be prepared to pay 128,4 thousand rubles per square meter.