43-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper Fernanda Rodriguez, speaking under the pseudonym Mc Atrevida, died from complications after botched buttock augmentation.

The woman increased buttocks — did so-called Brazilian lift in a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

During the operation the fat is sucked from behind the women and poured into her hips. Within two days after the procedure, she developed complications, Rodriguez complained of severe back pain and inflammation. She was hospitalized, placed in intensive care but died on July 27 from sepsis and rejected kidneys. According to doctors, repershu could have been saved if she had sought medical help in a little early. Doctors said that, along with the fat from the back into the buttocks were infused “unknown substance”. Began the process of rejection of the alien mass.

The owner of the clinic, after surgery in which I died Fernanda, denies guilt your specialist, which is not a plastic surgeon by training. The police managed to establish that the clinic was not an appropriate license, moreover, the company banned the surgery a few months ago. The investigation is ongoing.

Brazilian butt lift surgery more popular due to the fact that it is possible simultaneously to reduce the “problem” area and to achieve the desired volume in another place. However, these operations must be conducted by experienced physicians after receiving the results of all tests and consultations with specialists including a cardiologist. Because of unscrupulous doctors victims Brazilian braces often become the heroines of the tabloid headlines — including, alas, posthumously.

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