What is the similarity between the Rasmus, Lukas Graham and Medina? They are all three great Danish pop stars that you don’t see in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

for one reason or another say most established pop stars ‘no thanks’ to be with in the year’s biggest music festival. Why exactly? B. T. has asked previous participants, if it affected their career to be with.

Pernille Georgi was the one part of the søsterduoen Me & My in 1995 with a verdenshit with the song ‘Dub-i-dub’. In 2007 they looked up in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and got a sixth place.

Had In any considerations, whether it would affect your career, before you asked, up?

“No. We are both so immediate and likes to take the things that come to us. When we heard the song we were playing, we were super ready to be with.”

Got it so no consequences?

“the Bookies predicted us to win, so it was not particularly fun, since we have not won. That I needed just as soon as possible out of the konfettiregnen, for there had been a lot of pressure. But subsequently, it has opened a lot of new doors and given us an audience that is still stuck in the day.”

Marie Carmen Koppel in 2009 had already a long career behind himself as one of the great soul – and gospelsangerinder, when she participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, which gave her a ranking outside the top-4.

Did you have any considerations before you said yes to be with?

“I was pretty lucky to get a wildcard and thus totally hands-free. I wrote a ballad and song with all my heart, as I always do, so I felt that my integrity was intact. So no, I had no negative thoughts in the field.”

Got it so no consequences? the

“If it had any effect, then it was only positive, because it was a window, where I had presented myself as a songwriter and singer.”

Bryan Rice participated several times in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. When he debuted in 2010 with the track ‘Breathing’, which got a second-place finish, he was previously known for his big hit ‘No Promises’.

Did you have any considerations before you said yes to be with?

“I had also said no the first several times. For me, it was all about, that it is hard to be a part of a contest, when you are established artist. It is difficult to stand with, to be measured and the way, when you have already slipped through the eye of the needle.”

Why did you say yes?

“Most of all, because I felt I had the right song. When you publish music, it’s all essentially about, to as many people as possible should hear it, and my assessment was that if the 1.5 million viewers could hear me sing it, so it was good for my upcoming single and album.”

“I let me never notice what others think I should or should not be.”

Got it so no consequences?

“first, it gave me the opportunity to release my third album on a major label. Moreover, the experience as one of the many highlights in my career. Even though I only got a second, it feels like it is still today a great victory, and ‘Breathing’ is one of my biggest hit.”

“I got a bigger fan base and were subsequently cast in the lead role in Thomas Helmig-the theatre concert ‘Stupid Man’.”

When actress and singer Kaya Brüel in 2010 participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, she had seven albums and a lot of tv and film roles on the cv.

Did you have any considerations before you said yes?

“I was asked the first time back in the end of the’80s, but back then I was not at all attracted to the genre. It was before, I was out with my music, and as a new fear to go in at a ‘wrong door’, as we quickly stamps each other.”

Why did you say yes?

“the Industry has changed, and it has the Melody Grand Prix also. The genre is more open to anything also by the international, so you do not need to fear it anymore. The most important thing is to put up with a song, you are glad, and I had the opportunity.”

Got it so no consequences?

“I felt not really to the subsequent. Of course there was a little talk about my very large dress, but I thought it was fun to get a little theatre concert check over it. And then I got good response for my song, even though it was not the big hitbasker in the contest house.”