“SVP bi de Lüt” – under this Motto, the SVP invites all over the country to events where the public can meet with the SVP-celebrities.

Also announced today, starting at 17 o’clock on the waisenhausplatz in Bern, such a chatting chat over Bratwurst, beer, and Mineral.

also, many of the SVP are the figureheads of the party: Federal President Ueli Maurer (68), Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (59), party chief Albert Rösti (51), group chief Thomas Aeschi (40), election campaign Manager, Adrian Amstutz (65), entrepreneur Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49), “world week”-chief Roger Köppel (54), SVP cantonal President Werner Salzmann (56), and many other Federal parliamentarians. The reason for the Big onslaught of the current summer session.

Antifa threaten water battle

But now the occasion comes under attack directly. Antifa circles now call on Twitter for “water battle against the SVP-election campaign on the Waisenhausplatz”.

the message with a sheep poster is: “SVP exclusive monkey! Or wet!” We do not want to “right-wing agitation” in the city, so the call.

SVP is not to impress

“As you can see, once again, the alleged tolerance of the self-proclaimed Tolerant,” says SVP-chief Albert Rösti to VIEW. Of the threat, he is not impressed. “We will carry out the event as planned. In contrast to the climate strikers we do not make any noise, but music and invite all of you to the SVP bi de Lüt.”

A security service is in use. And also the Bernese police should be prepared now especially.