the building of the American Embassy in Moscow at Novinsky Boulevard next to the stars and stripes the US flag was hung out the rainbow flag of the LGBT community that gave rise to politically incorrect jokes about “ComingOut” diplomats.

permission to raise the rainbow flags in June, which the US considers a month of gay pride, an American diplomatic mission abroad received during the presidency of Barack Obama. And it was that this banner was raised on the flagpole next to the national flag of the United States.

according to U.S. media reports, the arrival in the White house trump, and the Department of State Evangelical Christian Mike Pompeo marked the attempt of the diplomatic Department to change this practice.

In 2019, there were reports that the police were opposed to the Embassy raised the rainbow flags on the official flag poles in honor of “LGBT pride Month”.

And there were reports that the requests of diplomatic missions abroad with a request to allow the rise of the LGBT flag (and the Embassy must obtain permission from the State Department, when they raise any but the American flag on our main flagpole), Washington received a waiver.

In an interview last year, Vice-President Mike Pence defended this decision, stating that the embassies should rise only an American flag.

“I know that the state Department has indicated that on the flagpole of our American embassies should be raised only one flag and that the American flag, and I support it,” – said Vice-President Penny to NBC News.

On the question whether he considers that this decision contradicts the fact that the President trump positively reacted on Twitter about the “month of pride,” Pence replied that the administration “is proud to serve every American.”

“We both feel it’s very passionate, – said the Vice-President, but when it comes to American flagpole, before the U.S. embassies and capitals around the world, it can only fly the American flag.”

However, a number of diplomatic missions still hang a flag on the outer walls or inside the embassies.

After last year, the American Embassy in Berlin has not received state Department permission to climb on the flagpole, the rainbow flag, the U.S. Ambassador Richard Grennel, known not only as openly gay, but a defender of the rights of the LGBT community, and promised that on the wall of a diplomatic mission will be hung a huge banner in the colors of the flag of sexual minorities.

it is not the only example. Last year, for example, the facade of the U.S. Embassy in new Delhi was colored with rainbow lights, and the Consulate General in Chennai posted VI��esapes the U.S. Consul General in front of a huge rainbow flag. Seoul American diplomatic mission placed the flag of the LGBT community with a height of several floors.

As commented on the situation the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, “we’re from the Kremlin do not see the American Embassy, but, certainly, it sees our Ministry of foreign Affairs. I think our foreign Ministry drew attention to it. In any case, any expression of the propaganda of nontraditional sexual minorities and so on in our country according to the law invalid”.