It became known as often have to disinfect the entrances of houses

In the suburbs, in particular, by the decision of the regional government of UK must now carry out a comprehensive disinfection of entrances daily. Residents do not pay extra for it – work is carried out at the expense of funds paid for the maintenance of common property.

Photo: iStock CPS explained the rules of cleaning of the apartment during a pandemic

As have informed “RG” the regional zhilinspektsii, provided by wet wiping of surfaces with disinfectant. On the first floor are the floors, door and window handles, mail boxes, panels, intercoms and security locks, handrails, air vents. Elevators should be cleaned with a floor, control panel, air vents. “The walls are treated by irrigation. If the house has no lift – performed daily processing of all common areas. If the house has a garbage disposal – it moist bactericidal treatment is carried out daily,” added in zhilinspektsii. Management companies must report to the domestic Inspectorate, sending back photos, are sample inspections homes inspectors.

According to recommendations of Rospotrebnadzora, disinfect common areas alcohol – or chlorine-containing means. Manual cleaning in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, the office developed at the end of January. It indicates that coronaviruses have a low resistance to disinfectants.