a Uniform allowance in the amount of 15 thousand rubles asked to appoint all Russian pensioners in pandemic coronavirus by analogy with the children’s payments. With the corresponding proposal to the Prime Minister Mishustin said a member of the Public chamber of Russia Sultan Khamzayev. According to the public, during a pandemic, the expenses of the pensioners only for medicines, including antivirals increased by 4 thousand rubles. In the meantime, to pay another benefit for children in August and are asking parents who lack the means to collect their children to kindergarten and school.

will the government distributing money to the population, and to whom they accrue, we find out from the experts

According to member OP, pensioners are more in need of direct government assistance. During a pandemic, the elderly fell into a special risk group, were forced to sit at home, follow the recommendations of doctors and to spend money on antiviral drugs.

“the average cost of retirees only medicines increased by 4 000. Many pensioners have no additional income sources, except for state aid in the form of mandatory monthly payments from the state (pensions). In asking to develop an additional mechanism of targeted assistance to each pensioner in Russia, with a one-time payment of 15,000 rubles by analogy with the assistance provided by the state to families with children”, – the statement says.

At the same time, additional payments from the state and are waiting for parents with children who have already received a lump sum in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for children in June and July. A petition online to request an extension of payments for August has already gathered nearly 120 thousand signatures.

Shine is the Russian citizens of the new payments, we found out from the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich:

“In fact, more help to people who really need, not only from an economic and psychological point of view. If the citizens now to support, they will be able to cope for themselves and swim out of the crisis. Now many people are in cognitive dissonance, their incomes fall, they are afraid for their future and their families. Of course, the assistance to the most needy segments of the population – this is a very smart move of the state in this situation. Direct payments will help including to disperse stopped during the pandemic economy. For example, the same spending on school will contribute to this.

But to give people money, they need to come from somewhere, it will take time. I do not think that the payment arrives by the beginning of August, according to the logic, they can expect closer to September or even in October. To find the money to help the population of our state ne much of a problem. For example, it is possible to withdraw the funds from assistance to large corporations, which are not so severely affected in a pandemic, and give them to the people.

of Course, it would be nice if the government helped everyone: children and seniors. But if you choose, personally I would put in the first place. The pensioners are, in fact, state employees, and their financial situation in a pandemic has not changed much, they received a pension, and receive, antiviral drugs have not so expensive. The income of many families with children have declined significantly, they may need support in the first place. On the other hand to pay retirees at least a small amount of 4-5 thousand rubles, do not even need to redraw the budget, such funds always have in stock. And the psychological effect of these payments is more than justified, people will feel that they are not thrown into a difficult situation.

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