TEL AVIV 24 — may- RIA Novosti. Opening Sunday trial on charges Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of corruption and betrayal of public trust will take at least a few months, but likely to last for several years, according to the authoritative Israeli lawyer Eli gerwitz.

the First in the history of Israel the trial of the current Prime Minister begin in Jerusalem district court on Sunday at 15.00. The panel of three judges will begin consideration of charges in cases of corruption and betrayal of public trust. At the first meeting of Netanyahu must be present to see the conclusion of the prosecution and inform the court whether he understood the charges.

the First meeting is of a technical nature, it and later discuss the conduct of hearings, and the lawyers will give the opportunity for some time to get acquainted with the contents of the case, said RIA Novosti gerwitz.

“a Standard criminal trial without the defendant was Prime Minister can last minimum months, maximum years. Especially when the accused is not under arrest as measure of restraint was not selected for detention. Therefore, even without prolonging the process can take many months and go over the past year (the term of office of Prime Minister Netanyahu — ed.),” said gerwitz RIA Novosti.

“Benjamin Netanyahu will not say heartfelt speech. His lawyers and lawyers for other defendants will not compete with Padva and Reznik in its credibility. All that will happen is a formal process the formal beginning of this stage of the criminal process. Three judges will ask the accused, including Benjamin Netanyahu, is familiar with the contents of the indictment and what is their reaction — whether they admit the facts stated in the indictment, or is not recognized. This, by and large, it’s all over,” explained gerwitz.

Remaining the next year and a half in office Prime Minister Netanyahu will have sufficient authority to influence the legal system and the duration of the trial, but, according to the lawyer, the defendant and his lawyers can only do this within the existing legal practice, through appeals to a higher authority and petitions to the judicial Board.

“do Prime Minister additional tools that are not ordinary accused? Yes, of course, the tools are there, you need to understand that Netanyahu is the main man in the government. But the main person in court, that the court, in which Prime Minister appears as ��winemore, the main person in court is the still the head of the jury, or rather, three judges of the jury”, — said the lawyer.

“Therefore, Prime Minister of course, maybe about something ask the court. He may ask to postpone the meeting because he needs to participate in a very important international meeting or trip abroad. But the final decision to grant that request or not, it rests with the court. Anything that can make Prime Minister is to file a petition. Whether it is satisfied or not, will solve court” — he stressed.

the Most serious allegations Netanyahu — bribery — advanced in the so-called 4000 on lobbying the country’s largest telecommunications group “Bezeq” in exchange for a positive attitude towards Netanyahu is controlled by the company’s popular news Internet resource Walla.

allegations of fraud and deception of public trust charges against Netanyahu for “2000” and “1000”. “Case of 1000” concerns the allegations of Netanyahu receiving expensive gifts, namely, exclusive cigars and champagne from Hollywood producer Arnon of Milchina, the total value of which the investigators assessed nearly 300 thousand dollars. The investigation believes that in exchange for gifts Netanyahu lobbied personal and business interests of the oligarchs.

In the “case of 2000” we are talking about the Prime Minister attempts to negotiate with the owner of one of the country’s largest media groups “Yediot Ahronot” on the favorable coverage of his activities in exchange for the adoption of a law that would restrict the ability of rival companies — free daily newspaper “Israel ha Yom”. Netanyahu said that the purpose of these charges is to overthrow him from his post as head of government.

“People don’t necessarily go to jail, even after receiving the real time. This term can often be served in a correctional labor outside the prison. This period may be awarded, but conditionally, not really. And in addition to imprisonment, there are other penalties that are present in Israeli criminal code,” explained gerwitz.

“So I think that if there is a something thankless task it to make a tote regarding penalties that will be awarded in case of a guilty plea on one or a few articles at the moment are accused Israeli Prime Minister,” he concluded.